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Resources – Asthma

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Kaitlin Atkinson Family Resource Library

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General Information and Resources for Parents

General Information and Resources for Kids and Teens

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General Information and Resources for Parents

100 questions & answers about your child's asthma / Plottel, Claudia S. -- Boston, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2008.
Provides up-to-date, authoritative, practical answers to questions about childhood asthma such as treatment options, healthy lifestyle choices and coping strategies.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 P62 2008

Asthma in children / Kovesi, Thomas -- Ottawa: The Lung Association, 2009.
This booklet, for parents of children with asthma, helps explain asthma triggers, control and management, and is designed to supplement the information received from a health care provider.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 K678 2009

L'asthme chez l'enfant: pour une prise en charge efficace -- Montreal: Editions du CHU Sainte-Justine, 2006.
Cet ouvrage se veut pratique et concret. II contient de l'information, des conseils et des outils pour faire de chaque parent un expert capable de prendre en charge efficacement l'asthme de son enfant. Les critères de maîtrise de l'asthme, l'amélioration de l'environnement, l'adoption de nouvelles habitudes de vie, le traitement médicamenteux, un plan d'action, etc., autant d'éléments qui sont présentés et expliqués aux parents.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 A87 2006

The everything parent's guide to children with asthma: professional advice to help your child manage symptoms, be more active, and breathe better / Simmons, Janice C. -- Avon, MA: Adams Media, 2008.
Helps families recognize symptoms, get accurate diagnosis, identify triggers, decide on treatment, make the home asthma-proof and allergen-free and work with teachers and caregivers.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 S56 2008

Mon enfant est asthmatique / Bérubé, Denis -- Montréal: Éditions du CHU Saint- Justine, 2010.
Les auteurs se montrent rassurants dans leur petit livre, Ils soutiennent qu'aujourd'hui, l'asthme se traite très bien, qu'il ne limite en rien les activités quotidiennes ou sportives de l'enfant et que les traitements sont à la fois efficaces et sécuritaires.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 B47 2010

Questions and answers about asthma: information for parents / Dell, Sharon -- Toronto, ON: The Hospital for Sick Children, 2006.
This book is written for parents to help explain the basics of childhood asthma and asthma management.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 D44

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'asthme: à l'intention des parents / Dell, Sharon -- Toronto: The Hospital for Sick Children, 2006.
Ce livret est rédigé à l'intention des parents pour leur expliquer les aspects fondamentaux de l'asthme et de la gestion de l'asthme chez les enfants.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 D4414

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General Information and Resources for Kids and Teens

Asthma / Silverstein, Alvin -- New York: Franklin Watts, 2002.
A guide to asthma for children and adolescents Appropriate for ages: 4-8 years.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 S55

Asthma active: learning about asthma -- Toronto, ON: The Lung Association, 2004.
An activity book for children 7 - 12 years of age.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 A83

L'asthme en images / L'Association Pulmonaire -- Toronto, ON: L'Association Pulmonaire, 2006.
Cette brochure explique les bases mêmes de l'asthme avec des images simples et quelques mots.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 L8614

Call me brave boy: learning about asthma / Shinder, Jenny -- Toronto, ON: The Lung Association, 2004.
A picture book for children 2 - 6 years of age.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 S54

The Great Katie Kate offers answers about asthma / DeLand, M Maitland; Zivoin, Jennifer. -- Austin, TX: Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2014.
When Julie is diagnosed with asthma, the Great Katie Kate swoops in to help alleviate her fears brought on by the worry wombat.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 D36 2014

The story of asthma in pictures / The Lung Association -- Toronto, ON: The Lung Association, 2001.
This booklet discusses the very basics of asthma with simple pictures and few words.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 L86

Taking asthma to camp: a fictional story about asthma camp / Gosselin, Kim -- St. Louis, MO: Jayjo Books, 1998.
A story about the fun and activities Justin participates in when he goes to asthma camp. Appropriate for ages: 4-8 years.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 G675

Taking asthma to school / Gosselin, Kim -- Valley Park, MO: Jayjo Books, 1998.
A guide to having asthma and dealing with it at school. Appropriate for ages: 4-8 years.
FAM RJ 436 .A8 G67

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Web Sites

What You Need to Know About Your Child’s Asthma - CHEO / Ce que vous devez savoir au sujet de l’asthme de votre enfant - CHEO  

Monitoring your Child’s Asthma Symptoms - CHEO / La surveillance des symptômes de l’asthme chez votre enfant - CHEO

Taking Control of Your Asthma – Asthma Society of Canada

Asthma Basics and Management – The Lung Association of Ontario

Asthma in Infants and Children - Asthma Society of Canada

Canadian Lung Association / L’association pulmonaire

Ontario Lung Association

L’association pulmonaire Quebec

Asthma Information from About Kids Health / Asthme Information - AboutKidsHealth

You Can Control Your Asthma - Child Asthma Network

Allergy Asthma Information Association / Allergie asthme association d’information

Asthme – Agence de la santé publique du Canada / Asthma - Public Health Agency of Canada

Tim & Moby Explain Asthma – American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

Asthma Center – Kids Health from the Nemours Foundation

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Local Contacts

The Lung Association - Serving Ottawa, Renfrew County and Cornwall
2319 St. Laurent Blvd., Suite 500 (@Thurston Dr)
Ottawa, ON K1G 4J8
The centre provides respiratory Education Sessions during the weekdays for people of all ages, and with all types of lung conditions. By appointment only. No referral required. Call 613-230-4200.

L’Association pulmonaire Quebec / The Lung Association Québec
6070 rue Sherbrooke Est - Bureau 104
Montréal, QC H1N 1C1
Toll free: 888-768-6669 

This guide provides medical material for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your physician. The information may not always apply to your individual situation.

The guide represents material available in the Family Resource Centre collection at CHEO. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Your local public library may also be able to provide valuable information.

If you require materials in alternative formats, please contact the library at 613-737-7600 ext. 2157 or at

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