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100 questions & answers about cancer and fertility / Oktay, Kutluk H. -- Boston, MA: Jones and Barlett Publishers, 2008.
This book provides practical, authoritative answers to 100 of the most common questions asked by cancer patients and survivors about fertility.
FAM RC 262 .O38 2008

100 questions & answers about your child's cancer / Carroll, William L. -- Boston, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2005.
Answers questions about topics such as treatment options, post-treatment quality of life, and coping strategies.
FAM RC 281 .C4 C424 2005

Alice au pays du cancer / Hennuy, Martine -- Bruxelles, Alice Editions, 2006.
Ce récit nous plonge dans le regard de l’enfant, ses souffrances, ses interrogations mais aussi ses ressources imaginaires et créatives pour surmonter les épreuves de l’hospitalisation brutale du parent.
FAM RC 262 .H46 2006

Because I am a fighter / Callan, Jodi -- Dryden, ON: Alex Wilson Coldstream Ltd. 2000.
A story about diagnosis, hospitalization, treatment and recovery of Tori, a dinosaur with leukemia.
FAM RC 280 .H57 C34

C is for cancer / Barton, Denise -- Canada:, 2008.
This book is a good read for all families who are beginning the experience of having a child with cancer. It is an effective tool to share with friends and relatives, especially for those with young children.
FAM RC 281 .C4 B37 2008

Cancerland and the other side of sick / Malavert, Michelle. -- Astoria, NY: Biggest Little Press, 2011.
The goal of this book is to powerfully transform the impact of a cancer diagnosis from struggle to empowerment, in 15 minutes or less.
FAM RC 281 .C4 M36 2011

Ces enfants qui vivent le cancer d'un parent / Delaigue-Cosset, Marie-France -- Paris: Librarie Vuibert, 2005.
Ce livre d'expérience et de réflexion prend la dimension d'un témoignage résolument philosophique. Il vous permet de puiser dans ces échanges avec les enfants, la capacité d'assumer autrement vos responsabilités humaines et sociales auprès et au service de la personne malade du cancer ainsi que de ses proches.
FAM RC 262 .D44 2005

Chasing rainbows  young adults living with cancer [DVD]-- Vancouver, BC: Chasing Rainbows Productions, 2006.
This upbeat documentary film is a dynamic, intimate portrayal of six young people who are “living life while fighting for it.” With passion and infectious laughter, the six participants provide a unique and refreshing perspective about what it is like to live with cancer when you are young.
FAM RC 265.6 .C52 2006

Chemo, craziness and comfort: my book about childhood cancer / Keene, Nancy -- Bethesda, MD: Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation, 2002.
A resource book with warm, funny illustrations and easy-to-read text to help the child (and parents) make sense of cancer. Themes address medical tests, hospitalization, and treatment , including chemotherapy, radiation, stem cell transplantation and their side effects. Offers tools to help children deal with the physical and emotional impact of both the cancer and the treatment. Appropriate for ages: 6-12 years.
FAM RC 264 .K44 2002

Children with cancer: a comprehensive reference guide for parents / Bracken, Jeanne Munn. -- New York: Oxford University Press, 2010.
This book contains information that ranges from sophisticated, hard-to-find medical facts to practical tips on how to handle side effects. Describing in detail the wide range of childhood cancers, the author explores how they affect the child, the treatments available, how to cope with the changes this diagnosis will bring to the entire family, and where to go for both medical and emotional help.
FAM RC 281 .C4 B73 2010

Educating the child with cancer: a guide for parents and teachers -- Bethesda, MD: Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation, 2003.
Developed to help families and teachers cope with all aspects of educating a child with cancer, this book covers learning issues from infancy through adulthood. Chapters written by experts are balanced by the wisdom of parents who have "been there."
FAM RC 281 .C4 E38 2003

The essential cancer treatment nutrition guide & cookbook: includes 150 healthy & delicious recipes / LaMantia, Jean; Berinstein, Neil -- Toronto: Robert Rose, 2012.
This book has been written for both patients and caregivers and addresses the unique requirements of a patient undergoing cancer treatment. A patient's waxing and waning appetite and ability to maintain optimal nutritional requirements are severely challenged during treatment, so the book provides integral information on how to deal with these challenges. From managing the side effects of treatment with particular foods and nutrients, to make-ahead meals that can be frozen and reheated at a moment's notice, to foods that are simply more palatable to a patient depending on what stage of treatment they're in.
FAM RC 271 .D52 L36 2012

Et mes enfants dans tout ça?: un guide pour les parents vivant avec un cancer du sein / Corsini, Linda J. -- Ontario: Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, 2006.
C'est une ressource complète qui aborde le large éventail de questions et de défis parents de jeunes enfants peuvent rencontrer quand un parent est diagnostiqué avec le cancer du sein. En fournissant des informations pertinentes, accessibles et pratiques pour répondre aux besoins complexes des parents et des enfants, il vise à aider les familles à faire face au cancer du sein.
FAM BF 575 .G7 C614 2006

Every day counts: lessons in love, faith, and resilience from children facing illness / Sirois, Maria -- New York: Walker & Company, 2006.
This book chronicles the remarkable stories of the children the author worked with on a pediatric oncology ward. It speaks directly to anyone who is sick, but also to therapists, doctors, and nurses, presenting an inside look at how they cope with the emotional strain of caring for the seriously ill, of being touched by grief yet not consumed by it.
FAM RC 281 .C4 S57 2006

Faire face au cancer: un guide à l'intention des personnes atteintes de cancer et de leurs aidants -- Toronto: Société canadienne du cancer, 2005.
Cette brochure s’adresse aux personnes qui ont reçu un diagnostic de cancer ainsi qu’à ceux et celles qui en prennent soin.
FAM RC 281 .C4 L5814 2005 

A friend in Hope: a story about Hope's journey with a brain tumour / Zammit, Marisa -- London, ON: Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, 2005. 
This story is written from the perspective of a young boy whose school friend, Hope, has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. He visits her in the hospital and learns about her illness. Appropriate for Ages: 4-10 years. 
FAM RC 280 .B7 Z3 2005

The guinea kid: the true story of a childhood cancer survivor / Ruth, Sharon -- Kemptville, ON: North Grenville Press, 2008.
This book is about one family's journey through the unknown and terrifying world of childhood cancer and their experience at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.
FAM RC 281 .C4 R88 2008

I put the CAN in cancer / Gough, Imogen -- USA: Booksurg, 2008.
This book is about a girl who lists all of the things that she can still do even though she has cancer.
FAM RC 264 .G68 2008

Living with childhood cancer: a practical guide to help families cope / Woznick, Leigh A. -- Washington, DC: APA, 2002.
This book provides a coping guide and resource for cancer families and their support teams. The authors' intent is to build on hope, to present hard-won personal and professional expertise about how to live better with and after childhood cancer.
FAM RC 281 .C4 W69 2002

Oliver's story: for 'sibs' of kids with cancer / Dodd, Michael -- Kensington, MD: Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation, 2004.
Written through the eyes of six-year-old Oliver, this book focuses on the many questions that siblings have when their brother or sister is diagnosed with cancer, and offers constructive ways that they can provide support. Appropriate for ages: 3-8 years.
FAM RC 262 .D6 2004

Quand je serai grand, je serai guéri / Bruneau, Pierre -- Laval, QC: Publistar, 2004.
Écrit dans un style accessible à tous, et notamment aux jeunes, Quand je serai grand, je serai guéri! est plus que la biographie de Charles Bruneau, c’est un formidable recueil d’expériences de vie, un véritable message d’espoir.
FAM RC 265.5 .B78 2004

Quand papa tomba malade / Gralnick, Eric. -- Montréal, QC: Phidal Publishing, 2009.
Quand Papa Tomba Malade raconte l'histoire émouvante d'une famille qui est confrontée à la maladie d'un proche. Narré par un petit garçon dont le père est attaint d'un cancer.
FAM RC 280 .B7 G73 2009

Sammy's mommy has cancer / Kohlenberg, Sherry -- New York: Magination Press, 1993. 
This is the story of Sammy’s mother’s struggle with cancer and her recovery.  Appropriate for Ages: 2-6 years 
FAM RC 262 .K82334

Stevie's new blood / Lilleby, Kathryn Ulberg. -- USA: Oncology Nursing Press, Inc., 2000.
Shows the effects of leukemia and a bone marrow transplant on a young boy, his sister who acts as donor, and their family. Facing pages contain explanations for older children and adults.
FAM RC 280 .H57 L55 2000

Taking cancer to school / Henry, Cynthia S.; Gosselin, Kim -- Plainview, NY: JayJo Books, 2001. 
This fun-to-read storybook simplifies and normalizes a complicated childhood condition. When read aloud, other children can identify why a peer may be treated differently and begin to empathize with them.
FAM RC 281 .C4 .H35 2001

This should not be happening: young adults with cancer / Katz, Anne. -- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Hygeia Media, 2014.
This book tries to make sense of a situation that for many young people doesn't make any sense at all. Written for a younger audience, it tackles tough issues head-on and in language young people will understand. From dealing with medical professionals to handling going back to work and school, This Should Not Be Happening offers information and insight on a broad range of issues affecting young people with cancer.
FAM RC 263 .K27 2014

Ton combat pour la vie: traverser le cancer à 17 ans / Péchery-Condat, Florence -- Paris: Parole et Silence, 2005.
Écrit par une mère pour son fils deux ans après la découverte d'un cancer très avancé, ce livre relate les moments d'espoir et de doute, de patience et de  colère partagés au long des deux années de traitement avant la guérison.
FAM RC 281 .C4 P40 2005

When someone you love has cancer: a resource for young people -- Canadian Cancer Society, 2003.
This booklet addresses the issues of cancer in the family, what cancer is and cancer treatment for young people. It includes short stories by children who have had a family member experience cancer Appropriate for all ages

FAM RC 262 .W53 2003

When your brother or sister has cancer: a guide for teens / National Cancer Institute National Cancer Institute, 2005.
In this booklet you will hear from other teens who are going through a similar situation, get ideas about who to talk to when you are feeling upset or alone and will teach you a little about cancer.
FAM RC 263 .W548 2005

Where's mom's hair?: a family's journey through cancer / Watters, Debbie -- Toronto: Second Story Press, 2005.
When Haydn and Emmet find out that their mother is going to lose her hair because of chemotherapy treatments, they try to cheer her up. Appropriate for all ages.
FAM RC 263 .W37 2005

Young people living with cancer: implications for policy and practice / Grinyer, Anne -- New York: McGraw Hill, 2007.
This book is for the professionals engaged in the care of young adults with cancer, support workers in the health services, young adults with cancer, their families, academics and students. This book uses original data gathered from in- depth research to present an account of what it is like to be an adolescent or young adult living with cancer.
FAM RC 281 .C4 G76 2007

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Web Sites

Canadian Cancer Society / Société Canadienne du Cancer

Childhood Cancers – National Cancer Institute at the National Institute of Health


Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation / Fondation canadienne du cancer chez l’enfant

Cancer – About Kids Health

We Care MacMillian’s Cancer Support – We Make Things Clearer, Europe’s leading cancer information service based in London

Cancer in Children – MedlinePlus

American Cancer Society

CureSearch for Children’s Cancers - National Childhood Cancer Foundation and the Children’s Oncology Group

Teens Living with Cancer - From the Children’s Oncology Group

Hair Loss in Children with Cancer

Hair Loss with Cancer – American Hair Loss Association

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Our Journey with Cancer
● From The Emily Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital
● Free
● Last updated June 2014
● English
● Description from Google Play: The Our Journey™ with Cancer app is designed to: Be used from the time of admission throughout hospitalization, to facilitate conversations between families and the health care team; Help parents identify what they need to know before going home; Give parents a safe way to admit what they don’t know or understand, and ask questions; Cue families on what they need to teach back to or demonstrate for their nurse or doctor. This gives the health care provider an opprotunity to confirm information and skills and to correct misunderstandings, help families feel confident that they can safely care for their child at home after discharge from the hospital, know the signs of possible problems, and know how to respond.
● Available from Google Play and iTunes

iCancerHealth: Cancer Care Management Platform
● From iCancer Health, INC.
● Free
● Last updated July 2015
● English, Spanish and French
● Description on iTunes: This app put a variety of innovative tools at your fingertips – all together in one place – to help support you in managing key aspects of your care at home.  Tools include: Health Tracker – Monitor your treatment progress and make not of any side effects.  Medication Management – a virtual pillbox and medicine cabinet to help you keep track of your medications and alert you when you need refills. Medical Diary – Note details about your treatment and any questions to ask your doctors during the next appointment. Caretaker Module – allow “caretaker” access to loved ones who can remotely access your information to provide application support, monitory and emotional help. Inbox – Privately and securely share your health related matters with loved ones and caretakers via the integrated messaging module. Nutrition – track your food and liquid intake and view your nutritional history. Community – follow, share and read about what other patients are discussing.
● Available from Google Play and iTunes

Pain Squad
● From the Hospital for Sick Children
● Free
● English
● Last updated Feb 2015
● From iTunes: The Pain Squad electronic pain diary is a tool created for kids with cancer to fight back against their pain.  Developed by researchers at The Hospital for Sick Children, this is an evidence-based pain diary that plays like a game and is recommended for children 8 to 48 years of age with cancer.  You can use this app to help keep track of your pain reports and set reminders for when to fill them out.  Pain reports will help you record the intensity of your pain, where is occurs, what you’ve done to help reduce the pain, and much more.
● Available from iTunes

● From Primera Marketing Inc.
● Free
● English
● Last updated June 2015
● For ages 12+
● From Google Play: A detailed description of all that is needed to prepare children and parents alike for the journey through radiation therapy is presented in the RADS4KIDS application in a creative and illustrative format. Included in the application are the following features: a thorough explanation of radiation therapy; an original and entertaining game for children; a list of FAQ to assist teens and parents; a storybook in English and French for childrenandacalendar that allows kids to record how they feel.
● Available from Google Play and iTunes

Kids’ Guide to Cancer
● From Camp Quality
● Free
● English
● Last updated Nov 2015
● For ages 8-13
● From Google Play: An educational app developed by Camp Quality for children 8-13 years who have a parent, sibling, friend or loved one with cancer. The app is filled with age appropriate information about cancer, hospitals, medicines and treatment.It also gives advice on how kids might be able to help their loved one and includes short animated personal stories from kids. Designed for children, the app is visually appealing and uses colour, animation and sound effects to answer the big questions kids want to ask.
● Available from Google Play and iTunes

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Local Contacts

Canadian Cancer Society, Ottawa Unit
1745 Woodward Drive
Ottawa, ON K2C 0P9
Phone: 613-723-1744

Foundation québécois du cancer
555 Boulevard de l'Hôpital
Gatineau, QC
J8V 3T4

Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation – Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec
21 Concourse Gate, Suite 9
Ottawa, ON K2E 7S4

Leucan Outaouais
336, rue Main
Gatineau, QC J8P 5K3
Téléphone : 819 663-2228
Télécopieur : 819 893-2228

This guide provides medical material for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your physician. The information may not always apply to your individual situation.

The guide represents material available in the Family Resource Library collection at CHEO. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Your local public library may also be able to provide valuable information.

If you require materials in alternative formats, please contact the library at 613-737-7600 ext. 2157 or at

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