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Resources – Eating Disorders

Kaitlin Atkinson Family Resource Library

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General Information and Resources for Families 

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General Information and Resources for Families

100 questions and answers about anorexia nervosa / Shepphird, Sari Fine. -- Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2010. 
This guide will help you to understand the causes of anorexia, warning signs and diagnosis, and practical suggestions on how to help loved ones suffering from anorexia as well as the treatment options available.
FAM RC 552 .A5 .S54 2010

100 questions and answers about eating disorders / Costin, Carolyn -- Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2007.
This book provides both the doctor's and patient's views. It gives you authoritative, practical answers to your questions.
FAM RC 552 .A5 C67 2007

Anatomy of anorexia / Levenkron, Steven -- New York: W.W. Norton, 2000.
Steven Levenkron demystifies this life-threatening disease and shows how the millions of girls and women who are afflicted with anorexia can be helped—and can look forward to rich and productive lives.
FAM RC 552 .A5 L478

Anorexia and bulimia in the family: one parent's practical guide to recovery / Smith, Grainne -- West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons Ltd. 2004.
As a mother of an anorexic daughter, the author offers many tips on how to deal with eating, kitchen and bathroom issues, mood changes and how to survive as a family.
FAM RC 552 .A5 S63 2004

Anorexia and other eating disorders : how to help your child eat well and be well : practical solutions, compassionate communication tools and emotional support for parents of children and teenagers / Musby, Eva. -- London, England: Aprica, 2014.
In this book, the author draws on her family's successful use of evidence-based treatment to empower you to support your child through recovery.  Using compassionate presence, Nonviolent Communication, mindfulness and acceptance, this book gives you the tools you need to care for your child, your family and yourself.
FAM RC 552 .E18 M87 2014

Anorexia nervosa and related eating disorders in childhood and adolescence -- Hove, UK: Psychology Press, 2000.
Topics covered include an overview of eating disorders in this population, epidemiology, aetiology, prognosis and outcome, assessment (both physical and psychosocial) and management, including specific types of therapy.
FAM RC 552 .A5 A56

Anorexie, boulimie: vous pouvez aider votre enfant: dès l'âge de 8 ans / Doyen, Catherine -- Dunod, Paris: InterEditions, 2004.
Ce livre a pour objectif de vous rendre, à vous parents, votre place - indispensable - dans la guérison de votre enfant. Il vous montre comment dépasser des sentiments d'impuissance ou d'incompétence pour aider votre enfant avec efficacité. Cet ouvrage vous permettra de donner à votre enfant toutes ses chances de guérir.
FAM RC 552 .A5 D6 2004

L'anorexie chez les adolescentes / Pauze, Robert -- Ramonville, Saint-Agne: Edition Ères, 2001.
Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur les troubles du comportement alimentaire tels que l'obésité, la boulimie et surtout l'anorexie mentale de la jeune fille, sans jamais avoir osé le demander!
FAM RC 552 .A5 P38 2001

Anorexie et la boulimie de l'adolescente / Chabrol, Henri -- Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 2004.
Cet ouvrage expose la clinique, la classification et le diagnostic ainsi que les aspects épidémiologiques de l'anorexie et la boulimie; il en analyse les déterminismes et détaille les différentes formes, souvent combinées, de traitement.
FAM RC 552 .A5 C3 2004

Anorexies et boulimies à l'adolescence -- France: Doin éditeurs, 2001.
Cet ouvrage, qui s'adresse surtout aux médecins et aux soignants, tente d'apporter des éléments de compréhension et des repères pratiques dans un domaine souvent vécu comme délicat sinon frustrant en pratique courante, où savoir être, savoir-faire et savoir travailler en liaison sont particulièrement nécessaires et complémentaires.
FAM RC 552 .A5 A5 2001

The beginner's guide to eating disorders recovery / Kolodny, Nancy J. -- Carlsbad, CA: Gurze Books, 2003.
Provides information on anorexia and bulimia, and discusses what is involved in recovering from eating disorders.
FAM RC 552 .E18 K648 2003

Bulimia: a guide to recovery / Hall, Lindsey -- Carlsbad, CA: Gurze Books, 1999.
Includes answers to questions most often asked about bulimia, insight from over 400 bulimics, 3-week program to stop bingeing and advice for families from professionals.
FAM RC 552 .B84 H34

Eating disorders: an overview -- Toronto: National Eating Disorder Information Centre, 2003.
An examination of the nature of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, their cause and consequences, and strategies for treatment.
FAM RC 552 .A5 E2 2003

Eating disorders: a parent's guide / Bryant-Waugh, Rachel -- New York: Brunner- Routledge Taylor & Francis group, 2004.
Whatever aspect of your child's eating behaviour is causing you concern, this book will help you understand some of the more common reasons why problems arise, and will give you advice on what you and others can do to manage the situation. Written by experienced clinicians, this book is dedicated to clarifying the subject of eating disorders. Combining an accessible and straightforward introduction to the subject with practical advice, this book represents the first step towards diagnosis and treatment.
FAM RC 552 .E18 B79 2004

Eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating and others / Kirkpatrick, Jim -- Toronto: Key Porter Books, 2004.
While obesity rates in Canada are rising, the occurrence of eating disorders is climbing as well. In an age when the ideal is to be model-thin, more and more young women and men are developing unhealthy attitudes towards diet that may lead to disordered eating. The authors offer expert advice on the causes, effects and treatments of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and a host of other less familiar disorders. This is a sensitive and engaging A-Z guide for anyone who has, or knows someone with an eating disorder.
FAM RC 552 .E18 K57 2004

Help for eating disorders: a parent's guide to symptoms, causes & treatments / Katzman, Debra K. -- Toronto, ON: Robert Rose Inc. 2005.
This book discusses how to identify the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder, effective treatments, and how family, friends and community members can help.
FAM RC 552 .E18 K38 2005

Help your teenager beat an eating disorder / Lock, James -- New York: Guilford, 2005.
This book provides the tools you need to build a united family front that attacks the illness to ensure that your child develops nourishing eating habits and life-sustaining attitudes, day by day, meal by meal. Full recovery takes time, and relapse is common. But whether your child has already entered treatment or you're beginning to suspect there is a problem, the time to act is now.
FAM RC 552 .E18 L63 2005

Hunger for understanding: a workbook for helping young people to understand and overcome anorexia nervosa / Eivors, Alison -- Southern Gate, England: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2005.
This workbook-style book has many practical tasks designed to help the young person reflect on their own experience and to engage in the recovery process.
FAM RC 552 .A5 E58 2005

I'm, like, SO fat: helping your teen make healthy choices about eating and exercise in a weight-obsessed world / Neumark-Sztainer, Diane -- New York: The Guilford Press, 2005.
Contains ideas to help kids feel better about their looks and make healthier choices about eating and exercise.
FAM RC 552 .E18 N48 2005

An introduction to food and weight problems -- Toronto: National Eating Disorder Information Centre, 2003.
This book contains definitions, describes the obsession with thinness, eating disorders as coping strategies and overcoming weight obsession. This guide is for family and friends of those who are fighting this disease.
FAM RC 552 .A5 I5 2003

Just a little too thin: how to pull your child back from the brink of an eating disorder / Strober, Michael -- Cambridge, MA: Da Capo Press, 2005.
This guide will help parents determine the severity of their child's weight issues by outlining three stages and the behavioral signs associated with each. The book gives guidance on talking about weight and eating in ways that help your child cope with the emotional issues that feed obsession.
FAM RC 552 .E18 S77 2005

Off the C.U.F.F.: a parent skills book for the management of disordered eating / Zucker, Nancy -- Durham, NC: Duke University Medical Center, 2006.
This skills manual is designed to give parents tools to manage their children's illness when their child is struggling with an eating disorder. It provides information on managing the disorder, coping with the disorder, and methods to practice these coping strategies together.
FAM RC 552 .E18 .Z82 2006

Over it: a teen's guide to getting beyond obsessions with food and weight / Normandi, Carol Emery -- Novato, CA: New World Library, 2001.
The authors look at the behaviors that may lead to eating disorders and the cultural, emotional, and physical reasons girls obsess about weight and eating. They go on to offer girls and their parents a map and a method for finding a realistic and livable balance. Stories and quotations from girls who have struggled with eating disorders give the book immediacy, and exercises and writing suggestions steer girls toward a healthy self-image and wholesome eating patterns.
FAM RC 552 .E18 N676 2001

The parent's guide to eating disorders: supporting self-esteem, healthy eating, & positive body image at home / Herrin, Marcia -- Carlsbad, CA: Gürze Books, 2007.
The authors focus on teaching parents how to examine and understand their family’s approach to food and body image issues and its effect their child’s behaviour. Parents learn to identify an eating disorder early, to establish healthy attitudes toward food at a young age, and to intervene in a non-threatening, non- judgmental way.
FAM RC 552 .E18 H475 2007

Skills-based learning for caring for a loved one with an eating disorder : the new Maudsley method / Treasure, Janet -- New York: Taylor & Francis Group, 2007.
Through a coordinated approach, this book offers information alongside  detailed techniques and strategies, which aim to improve professionals' and home carers' ability to build continuity and consistency of support for their loved ones. The authors use evidence-based research and personal experience, as well as practical support skills, to advise the reader on a number of difficult areas in caring for someone with an eating disorder.
FAM RC 552 .E18 T73 2007

Talking to eating disorders: simple ways to support someone with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, or body image issues / Heaton, Jeanne Albronda -- New York: New American Library, 2005.
This compassionate guide offers ways to tackle the tough topics of body image, media messages, physical touch, diets, and exercise-along with a special section on talking about these issues with children. It includes information about when to get professional help, how to handle emergencies, and answers to difficult questions such as "Am I too fat?" or "Is this ok to eat?"
FAM RC 552 .E18 H43 2005

Les troubles de l'alimentation / Warbrick, Caroline -- Montréal, QC: Éditions Gamma, École Active, 2004.
Cet ouvrage explique les différences entre l'anorexie mentale, la boulimie et la compulsion alimentaire. Il analyse les symptômes de ces troubles et montre comment ils affectent la vie du patient. Il présente aussi l'attitude de la société et des médias vis-à-vis des troubles compulsifs alimentaires. Il informe sur les aides et les traitements. 
FAM RC 552 .E18 W3714 2004

Understanding and overcoming an eating disorder: a resource kit for those who suffer from anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa -- Toronto: National Eating Disorder Information Centre, 2003.
A manual exploring the thoughts and feelings of a person with an eating disorder and it provides practical information and suggests alternative coping strategies.
FAM RC 552 .A5 U4 2003

Une introduction sur les troubles de l'alimentation et les problèmes de poids -- Toronto: National Eating Disorder Information Centre, 2003.
Information sur l'anorexie, la boulimie et la préoccupation a l'égard du poids.
FAM RC 552 .A5 I514 2003

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Web Sites

Eating Disorders – CHEO / Troubles de l'alimentation - CHEO

Eating Disorders – MedlinePlus from the US National Library of Medicine

Association québécoise d’aide aux personnes souffrant d’anorexie nerveuse et de boulimie / Anorexie and Boulimie Québec

Maudley Parents

Eating Disorders: Victoria

National Eating Disorders Association

Hopewell Eating Disorders Support Centre of Ottawa

Teaching Students with Mental Disorders: Volume 1 Eating Disorders - British Columbia Ministry of Education

National Eating Disorders Information Centre

Eating Disorders – Kids Help Phone / Troubles de l’alimentation – Jeunesse J’écoute

Eating Disorders – Canadian Mental Health Association / Troubles de l’alimentation – Association canadienne pour la santé mentale


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RR Eating Disorder Management
● From Recovery Record
● English, Danish
● Free
● Last updated Jan 2016
● From Google Play: Recovery Record is the smart companion for managing your journey to recovery from eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, obsessive eating disorder, binge eating disorder and compulsive eating disorder. With Recovery Record you can: Keep a record of meals, thoughts and feelings from the privacy of your mobile phone; Collect jigsaw pieces to earn hidden rewards; Customize your log form, meal plan, reminder schedules and alarm tones; Share your Recovery Record with your treatment team, so they can help you to understand your behavioural trends and triggers; Receive and send anonymous encouragement messages and virtual gifts from/to 1000s of other people using the App; Access 1000s of meditation images and affirmation messages.
● Available from Google Play and iTunes

Rise Up + Recover: An Eating Disorder Monitoring and Management Tool for Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating and EDNOS
● From Recovery Warriors
● English, Spanish, German
● Free
● Last updated August 2015
● From Google Play: Based off self-monitoring homework, a cornerstone of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), we designed a simple and convenient app that has been used millions of time around the world. With the Rise Up + Recover app you can: Log your meals, emotions and behaviors from the privacy of your mobile phone; Export PDF summaries of your Meal Log and Check-In to share with your treatment team; Set custom reminders to inspire you to keep moving forward; Rest assured that your personal information is protected behind a pass-code; Share motivational and inspirational quotes, images and affirmations; Access a wide range of resources to build a strong recovery warrior mindset; Find support and professional treatment nearby.
● Available from Google Play and iTunes

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Local Contacts

Hopewell Eating Disorders Support Centre of Ottawa
404 McArthur Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1K 1G8

Eating Disorders Program at CHEO / Troubles de l'alimentation - CHEO
401 Smyth Rd
Ottawa, ON K1H 8L1
613-737-7600 x 2496
Doctor referral is required / par les médecins renvoi

ANEB - Anorexie et boulimie Québec
5500 Transcanadienne
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1B6
Téléphone: 514-630-0907
Sans frais: 800 630-0907
Télécopieur: 514-630-0599

National Eating Disorder Information Centre
Helpline: Monday - Friday 9.00 am - 9.00 pm EST
For help and understanding, call:1-866-633-4220

Parents’ Lifelines of Eastern Ontario / Parents : lignes de secours de l’est de l’Ontario
Ottawa : 613-321-3211
Outside Ottawa / À l’extérieur d’Ottawa 1-855-775-7005
Helpline is staffed Monday-Friday 9am-7pm
Notre linge d’aide téléphonique est disponiblede lundi au vendredi : de 9h à 19h

This guide provides medical material for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your physician. The information may not always apply to your individual situation.

The guide represents material available in the Family Resource Library collection at CHEO. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Your local public library may also be able to provide valuable inform

If you require material in alternative formats, please contact the library at 613-737-7600 ext. 2157 or at

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