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Ressources – La colère

Bibliothèque de ressources familiales Kaitlin Atkinson

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Liste de ressources pour les parents

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Liste de ressources pour les parents

1-2-3 a calmer me: helping children cope when emotions get out of control / Patterson, Colleen. -- Washington, DC: Magination Press, 2016.
This book introduces children to a simple rhyme they can use to slow down their bodies and stop mad feelings from spinning out of control. It includes a "Note to Parents, Teachers, and Other Grown-Ups" with more information about the steps of the "1-2-3" rhyme, and advice for working through the steps with your child.  For ages 4-8
FAM BF 723 .A5 P27 2016

The ABC's of anger / Ali, Ray -- Duluth, MN: Whole Person Associates, 2006.
Stories and pictures help children identify the reasons for anger and frustration and find effective ways to deal with those feelings.
FAM BF 575 .A5 A4 2006

Anger: how to live with and without it / Ellis, Albert -- Secaucus, NJ: Citadel Press, 1998.
Dr. Ellis attempts to show how precise thinking can help avoid consequences of anger. Included are techniques for dealing with anger to help you live a better life.
FAM BF 575 .A5 E44

Champion pour maîtriser sa colère: un livre pour les 6-12 ans sur la colère / Huebner, Dawn -- Saint-Lambert, PQ: Éditions Enfants Québec, 2009.
La colère est une émotion forte qui peut être déclenchée par une parole blessante, un refus à une demande ou un gente qu'on n'apprécie pas. Les techniques proposées dans ce livre sont basées sur les principes de l'approche cognitivo-comportementale, utilisée par les psychologues, pour maîtriser la colère.
FAM BF 575 .A5 H8314 2009 

Don't rant & rave on Wednesdays!: the children's anger control book / Moser, Adolph J. -- Kansas City, MO: Landmark Editions, 1994.
Suggests some possible causes of anger and how to reduce the amount of anger you feel. Appropriate for ages: 4-8 years.
FAM BF 575 .A5 M67

Feeling angry / Althea Braithwaite -- Milwaukee, WI: Gareth Stevens Publishing, 1998.
Uses color photographs of children with text bubbles containing information about anger.
FAM BF 575 .A5 A48 

Helping your angry teen: how to reduce anger and build connection using mindfulness and positive psychology / Abblett, Mitch R. -- Oakville, CA: New Harbinger Publications, Inc., 2017.
Written by a psychologist and teen expert, this book offers techniques based in mindfulness, compassion, and positive psychology to help face the challenges that parenting an angry teen presents. Discover the clinical and psychological underlying conditions that can contribute to teen anger, skills for improving communication, and mindfulness tips for staying calm.
FAM BF 575 .A5 .A22 2017

How to take the grrrr out of anger / Verdick, Elizabeth; Marjorie Lisovskis. -- Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Publishing, 2015.
Kids need help learning how to manage their anger. Blending solid information and sound advice with humor and lively illustrations, these anger-management tips guide kids to understand that anger is normal and to learn they can express it in healthy ways.  The book teaches them how to recognize anger in themselves and others, how to handle situations and emotions (loneliness, guilt, frustration, fear) that lead to or mask anger, and how to deal with the anger they feel. This revised edition addresses children's exposure to increased societal violence and includes discussion and examples of anger related to texting and social media.
FAM BF 575 .A5 V48 2015

Howard B. Wigglebottom learns it's ok to back away / Binkow, Howard -- Thunderbolt Publishing, 2010.
Howard B. Wigglebottom learns a valuable lesson about anger and how to deal with it after being put in time-out during school for reacting negatively after not getting his way.
FAM BF 575 .A5 .B56 2010

Is it right to fight?: a first look at anger / Thomas, Pat -- Hauppauge, NY: Barron's, 2003.
Helps children understand that it's often all right to be angry, but that it's always best to resolve conflicts in a peaceful way.
FAM BF 575 .A5 2003

Josh's smiley faces: a story about anger / Ditta-Donahue, Gina -- Washington, DC: Magination Press, 2003.
When Josh gets angry, he throws his toys and even hits his little brother. Josh starts to use his words and feel more 'smiley'.  Appropriate for ages: 3-6 years.
FAM BF 575 .A5 D58 2003

Mindfulness for teen anger: a workbook to overcome anger & aggression using MBSR & DBT skills / Purcell, Mark C.; Murphy, Jason R. -- Oakland, CA: New Harbinger, 2014.
Being a teen in today's world is hard, and often teens struggle with feelings of anger toward themselves, their parents, and their friends. Using mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), this book teaches teens the difference between healthy and unhealthy forms of anger. Teens will learn to make better choices, stop overreacting, find emotional balance, and be more aware of their thoughts and feelings in the moment.
FAM BF 575 .A5 P87 2014

The penguin who lost her cool: a story about controlling your anger / Sobel, Marla -- Plainview, NY: Childswork/Childsplay, 2000.
An angry penguin, Penelope, learns some techniques to overcome her anger. Appropriate for ages: 4-8 years.
FAM BF 575 .A5 S62 

Taming monster moments: turning on soul lights to help children handle their fear and anger / Porter, Daniel J -- New York: Paulist Press, 1999.
This book validates the negative emotion kids are feeling and offers a concrete way to redirect the energy into positive action. The approach helps children recognize that negative emotion is normal and that they have the power to make themselves feel good. Appropriate for ages: 4-8 years.
FAM BF 723 .F4 P67 

What to do when your temper flares: a kid's guide to overcoming problems with anger / Huebner, Dawn -- Washington, DC: Magination Press, 2007.
This book will guide children and their parents through the cognitive-behavioural techniques used to treat problems with anger. Engaging examples, lively illustrations, and step-by-step instructions teach children a set of "anger-dousing" methods aimed at cooling angry thoughts and controlling angry actions,
resulting in calmer, more effective kids.
FAM BF 575 .A5 H84 2007 

When Sophie gets angry--really, really angry... / Bang, Molly. -- New York: Scholastic, 2004.
When Sophie gets angry, she goes outside and runs, cries, climbs her favorite tree--and then, calmed by the breeze, she is soon ready to go back home.
FAM BF 575 .A5 .B26 2004

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Kids Health – Information for Kids, Teens and Parents from the Nemours Foundation

Controlling Anger Before It Controls You - American Psychological Association

Temper Tantrums – Manitoba Health

Les crises de colère – Santé Manitoba

Être en colère – Jeunesse J’écoute / Feeling Angry – Kids Help Phone

Aggression in Youth – Health Link BC

Anger – Kids Matter

Maîtrise de la colère – About Kids Health / Anger Management for Young Children – About Kids Health

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Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame
● Free
● Last updated March 2014
● English and Spanish
● From Google Play: Laugh and learn as you help a Sesame Street monster friend calm down and solve everyday challenges. This bilingual (English and Spanish), research-based app helps your child learn Sesame’s “Breathe, Think, Do” strategy for problem-solving. Tap and touch to help the monster friend take deep breaths, think of plans, and try them out! Your child will enjoy silly animations and playful interactions as she is exposed to important emotional vocabulary, a calm breathing technique, personalized encouragements, and more! PLEASE NOTE: Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame is a
very robust app and requires a strong wifi connection to ensure a complete download process.
● Available from Google Play and iTunes

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