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Ressources – Spiritualité

Bibliothèque de ressources familiales Kaitlin Atkinson

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Liste de ressources pour les parents

Liste de ressources pour les enfants et les adolescents

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Liste de ressources pour les parents

Awaken your spirit: reconnecting to your source -- New York: iUniverse Inc., 2007.
This book describes a mother’s journey to find god after the death of her oldest child.
FAM BJ 1278 .S5 2007

The art of being: 101 ways to practice purpose in your life / Jones, Dennis Merritt. -- New York: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, 2008.
The Art of Being is a user-friendly manual to help you become acutely aware of how to live more mindfully on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour, moment-by-moment basis and thus create more peace and happiness in your life and in the lives of those around you.
FAM BJ 1581 .J56 2008

The book of awakening: having the life you want by being present to the life you have / Nepo, Mark. -- Berkeley: Conari Press, 2000.
This book offers the author's insights into friendship, love, and survival in this guide to awakening to the joy of life.
FAM BJ 1533.2 .N36 2000

Comfort prayers: prayers and poems to comfort, encourage, and inspire / Cotner, June. -- Kansas City, MO: Andrews McNeel Pub, 2004.
This collection of poems and prayers will bring hope, healing, and encouragement to its readers that will calm the soul and lead to a path of healing and recovery.
FAM BJ 1651 .C68 2004

God within: our spiritual told by today's new adults -- Woodstock, VT: Skylight Paths Pub. 2001.
This thought-provoking collection of writings, poetry, and art showcases the voices that are defining the future of religion, faith, and belief as we know it.
FAM BJ 1661 .G62

A handbook of chakra healing: spiritual practice for health, harmony and inner peace / Govinda, Kalashatra. -- Old Saybrook, CT: Konecky & Konecky, 2002.
Chakra work benefits body, mind and spirit and leads to a greater sense of harmony and inner balance. This guide will help you apply this ancient wisdom to the problems and stresses of modern life.
FAM BJ 1651 .G59 2002

Heaven is for real: a little boy's astounding story of his trip to heaven and back / Burpo, Todd; Vincent, Lynn. -- Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2010.
This is the story of the four-year old son of a Nebraska pastor who during emergency surgery slips from consciousness and enters heaven.
FAM BJ 1661 .B87 2010

Keep the siblings, lose the rivalry: 10 steps to turn your kids into teammates / Cartmell, Todd -- Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2003.
This book uses role-plays, Scripture references, and interactive discussion questions to improve children's skills at handling sibling rivalry.
FAM BF 723 .S43 C37 2003

Let's talk about it: sharing values with your kids / Jahsmann, Allan Hart -- Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress, 1998.
A book teaching kids about disabilities and how we are all unique in some ways and the same in other ways. Appropriate for Ages: 4-8 years.
FAM BJ 1278 .S5 J34

The little book of big promises / Rometo, Peggy. -- Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, 2010.
Using a three-step process including guided meditations, energy work, visualizations, and other practices that allow you to tap into your intuition, this book teaches you how to reconnect with the creative forces and intrinsic wisdom of the universe.
FAM BJ 1661 .R65 2010

Mindfulness starts here: an eight-week guide to skillful living / Monteiro, Lynette; Musten, Frank. -- Victoria, BC: Friesen Press, 2013.
This book offers you a way to ease stress with clear instructions on these points: How mindfulness works using Five Skillful Habits; How being mindful can help you deal better with sadness, pain, and anxiety; How mindfulness can make your life more manageable. You will learn how mindfulness works through simple, clear explanations. The instructions and practices show you how to pay attention to your life so you can make skillful decisions.
FAM RC 489 .M43 2013

A parent's toolbox for spiritual growth / Zwet, Johanna Van -- Virginia Beach, VA: A.R.E. Press, 2000.
Parents can learn from van Zwet's recognition of the potential that parenting carries for spiritual development and the difference it makes in a family's life when parenting is seen as an opportunity for personal spiritual growth.
FAM BJ 1278 .S5 Z88

The seven spiritual laws for parents: guiding your children to success and fulfillment / Chopra, Deepak -- New York: Harmony Books, 1997.
This guide is for parents who wish to raise children with values that satisfy spiritual needs as well as create the experience of abundance. After a general discussion of parenting and the gift of spirit, this book explores ways to practice the Seven Spiritual Laws as a family, how to convey these laws to children depending on their ages, and how to embody them in age-specific activities each day.
FAM BJ 1278 .S5 C455

Sick and you cared / McCaughey, Tom -- Gatineau, QC: Wavertree Communications, 2005.
The author begins this book with his own experience of being sick as a child. The rest comes from what he has seen as a doctor in our developed world and in the world of some of the poorest people on earth.
FAM BJ 1278 .S5 M378 2005

Spiritual partnership: the journey to authentic power / Zukav, Gary. -- New York: HarperOne, 2010.
The purpose of this guide is to empower and enable us to explore our emotions, our intentions, our choices, and our intuition and to use them to create profound spiritual growth.
FAM BF 723 .I642 .Z85 2010

Spiritual survival guide: how to find God when you're sick / Shields, Charles -- New York, NY: Doubleday, 2001.
Filled with practical suggestions for taking advantage of community resources, creating a “healing place” in a home or hospital room, and preparing physically and emotionally for difficult or painful medical treatments, this guide will help you navigate the darkness surrounding illness and emerge with your faith forever strengthened.
FAM BJ 1278 .S5 S55

The wise child: a spiritual guide to nurturing your child's intuition / Choquette, Sonia -- New York: Three Rivers Press, 1999.
This book provides guidance to parents on how to foster their children's innate intuition and creativity using spiritual principles, modern-day parables and practical exercises.
FAM BJ 1278 .S5 C48

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Liste de ressources pour les enfants et adolescents

Chocolate for a teen's soul: life-changing stories for young women about growing wise and growing strong -- New York: Fireside, 2000.
This collection offers 55 tales of life and love as a teenager. From teens of every age, including women who remember what it was like, come stories of first love, first jobs, best friends, heartbreak, hope, innocence, and the real world. Poignant, funny, and powerful, these stories tell it like it is. Teens will see themselves in these pages and find comfort in knowing that they are not alone.
FAM HQ 798 .C48

The complete idiot's guide to spirituality for teens / Grimbol, William R. -- Indianapolis, IN: Alpha Books, 2000.
Discusses spirituality and what it means to teens. It offers advice on how to get in touch with your heart, mind, and spirit. Appropriate for Ages 12-17 years.
FAM BJ 1661 .G74

Conversations with God: for teens / Walsch, Neale Donald -- Charlottesville, VA: Hampton Roads, 2001.
A dialogue of the author asking god many common questions, intended to provoke thinking about god and religion. Appropriate for Ages 13-17 years.
FAM BJ 1661 .W34

Moonbeam: a book of meditations for children / Garth, Maureen -- Sydney, Australia: HarperCollins, 1992.
A book of visualizations for parents to read to their children to help them be calm and to relax.
FAM BJ 1278 .S5 G37

P.S. God, can you fly: heartfelt and hope-filled prayers of children / Willis, R. Wayne -- Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2002.
A book of childrens prayers.
FAM BJ 1278 .S5 W47

Starbright: meditations for children / Garth, Maureen -- New York: HarperCollins, 1991.
A book of visualization for parents to read to their children to calm and relax them.
FAM BJ 1278 .S5 G375

A still quiet place for teens: a mindfulness workbook to ease stress and difficult emotions / Saltzman, Amy. -- Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications, 2016.
Being a teen in today's fast-paced, media-saturated world is difficult, and it's easy to get overwhelmed or stressed out. Using mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) techniques, teens will learn to balance emotions, stay focused, and experience the natural quietness that lives within.
FAM BF 723 .S3 S25 2016

Teen sunshine reflections: words for the heart and soul -- New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers, 2002.
This book is filled with over 150 thoughts, poems, and prayers that will help you through the tough times, encourage you through challenges, and inspire you to achieve your goals.
FAM BJ 1661 .T44 

What is God? / Boritzer, Etan -- Toronto: Firefly Books, 1990.
Answers many questions a child might have about god and religion.  Appropriate for Ages: 4-8 years
FAM BJ 1631 .B67 1990

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Meditation: An Introduction - National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Mind/Body Connection: How Your Emotions Affect Your Health –

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet


Mindfulness – Everyday Guided Meditations That Help you Focus, Sleep Better, Stay Calm, Reduce & Anxiety
• Free
• Last updated May 2014
• English
• Use this app to quiet the chatter, in your brain and to achieve clarity
• Available through iTunes

Cleveland Clinic Stress Free Now
• Free
• Last updated June 2015
• English
• With this app you can practice clinically proven relaxation techniques that will help you reduce and control your feelings of stress
• Available through iTunes

Simply Yoga Free
● Daily Workout Apps, LLC.
● Gratuit mais offre achats / Free but offers in-app purchases
● Dernière mise-à-jour 2015 octobre / Last updated Oct 2015
● Disponible en plusieurs langues / Available in multiple languages
● Google Play: Simply Yoga est votre propre instructeur de yoga personnelle / Simply Yoga is your own personal yoga instructor.
● Disponible depuis / Available through iTunes & Google Play

Stop Breathe & Think: Meditate
● Tools for Peace
● Free but offers in-app purchases
● Last updated April 2016
● English
● Google play: The Stop, Breathe and Think app is a free mindfulness, meditation and compassion-building tool that is simple, fun and easy to use.  Check in to how you are thinking and feeling, and select emotions that guide you to recommended meditations.
● Available through Google play and iTunes

Ce guide fournit du matériel médical pour informations seulement et ne vise pas à remplacer les conseils du médecin. Ces informations pourraient ne pas toujours s'appliquer aux situations individuelles.

Ce guide présente le matériel disponible à la bibliothèque de ressources familiales du CHEO. Ce n'est pas une liste complète. Votre bibliothèque publique locale pourrait aussi être en mesure de vous fournir des informations précieuses.

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