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Ressources – Le suicide

Bibliothèque de ressources familiales Kaitlin Atkinson

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Liste de ressources pour les familles

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Liste de ressources pour les familles

After Daniel: a suicide survivor's tale / Farr, Moira -- Toronto: HarperFlamingo Canaada, 1999.
Moira describes her personal grief journey while asking many questions about suicide, our society, the mental health system, and our stigmas.
FAM RJ 506 .S9 F37

Aider à prévenir le suicide chez les jeunes / Lambin, Michèle. -- Montréal: Éditions du CHU Sainte-Justine, 2010.
Cette nouvelle édition, destinée aux parents ainsi qu'au professionnels de la santé et aux intervenants sociaux, dresse un portrait complet de l'adolescent et explore plus en profondeur l'école comme milieu de vie du jeune. De plus, elle met à jour nos connaissances sur les problèmes de santé mentale et sur les conduites suicidaires. Elle comporte également une section où l'auteur répond aux questions les plus fréquemment posées sur le suicide chez les jeunes.
FAM RC 569 .L33 2010

Choosing life: Bobby's story / Pinette, Gilles -- Southampton, ON: Ningwakwe Learning Press, 2002.
Bobby is a depressed teen who almost commits suicide. He is sent to live with his great grandfather who teaches his about his Aboriginal heritage. Based on a true story.
FAM E 98 .S9 P6 2002

The cruelest death: the enigma of adolescent suicide / Lester, David -- Philadelphia: Charles Press, 1993.
All facets of adolescent suicide are covered, including a statistical overview; a review of possible causes and predictors of the suicidal impulse in young persons; suggestions for prevention, assessment, and treatment; and advice for survivors.
FAM RJ 506 .S9 L47

Depression and other mood disorders / Field, Jon Eben. -- St. Catharines, ON: Crabtree Publishing Company, 2014.
Mental health is an important and often misunderstood concept.  Depression and other mood disorders helps explain the importance of social and emotional health, as well as the symptoms and possible treatments.  This book provides an open and honest discussion about stigma and how to help a friend or family member with depression.
FAM RJ 506 .D4 F54 2014

Depression and your child: a guide for parents and caregivers / Serani, Deborah. -- Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2013.
This book contains specific tips, recommendations, and case examples to help make parenting a depressed child less challenging. It provides parents and caregivers an understanding of pediatric depression, its causes, its symptoms, and its treatments. Current research, treatments and trends are presented and tough subjects like self-harm, suicide and recovery plans are addressed with supportive direction.
FAM RJ 506 .D4 S58 2013

Dépression et suicide chez les jeunes: guide pour les parents / Williams, Kate -- Montreal: Editions Sciences et Culture, 1996.
L’auteure a écrit ce livre pour aider les parents à : reconnaître les signes d’un jeune en crise et trouver de l’aide immédiate et efficace, faire face aux problèmes des adolescent(e)s, y compris la dépression, affronter leurs propres sentiments de honte et d’insuffisance socio-affective, réagir aux répercussions de la dépression des adolescent(e)s sur tout le système familial, et créer une vie de famille gouvernable.
FAM RJ 506 .S9 W5514 1996

Eternal high: a teenager's experience with depression and suicide that will change your life [DVD] -- Sherborn, MA: Aquarius Health Care Media, 2006.
Bryce captured his true-life battle with depression and suicide in this 6 time award-winning film. It’s an excellent resource and tool enabling anyone including teenagers, parents and teachers to discuss depression and suicide openly, erasing the stigma still existing today.
FAM RJ 506 .S9 E8 2006 DVD

Helping your child cope with depression and suicidal thoughts / Shamoo, Tonia K. -- San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass, 1997.
This guide will show parents: how to learn to talk, listen, and communicate effectively with a depressed child; what situations can cause a child or adolescent to wish to commit suicide; what signs to watch for; myths and misinformation about suicide; how to determine the risk of suicide; and how to intervene.
FAM RJ 506 .S9 S48 1997

Hope and healing after suicide: a practical guide for people who have lost someone to suicide in Ontario / Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. -- Toronto: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 2011.
This guide addresses many personal issues related to a death by suicide, including telling others, working through the grief, finding what helps people to heal, and grieving in children and youth.
FAM RC 569 .O68 2011

Out of the darkness: teens and suicide / Crook, Marion -- Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press, 2003.
Explores all aspects of teen suicide including an examination of the history of teen suicide in various cultures, the role of parents and schools in prevention, and coping strategies for teens.
FAM RJ 506 .S9 C758 2003

A parent's guide for suicidal and depressed teens: help for recognizing if a child is in crisis and what to do about it / Williams, Kate -- Center City, MN: Hazelden Foundation, 1995.
This book will help parents recognize the signs of a child in crisis; how to find immediate, effective help; and how to deal with ongoing adolescent issues, including depression.
FAM RJ 506 .S9 W55

Parenting through the storm: how to handle the highs, the lows and everything in between / Douglas, Ann. -- Toronto: HarperCollins Canada, 2015.
This book features interviews with experts on children's mental health as well as parents and young people who have lived with (or who are living with) mental illness. Drawing on her own experience and expertise, the author shows how to cope with years of worry and frustration about a child's behaviour; how to effectively advocate for the child and work through treatments; how to manage siblings' concerns and emotions; and, most importantly, how to thrive as a family.
FAM RJ 499.3 .D68 2015

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Sites Web 

Aider les enfants et les jeunes qui ont des idées suicidaires - CHEO / Helping children & youth who are feeling suicidal - CHEO

Temps d’EN parler – Santé publique Ottawa / Have THAT Talk – Ottawa Public Health 

Vivons ensemble / Together to Live

Suicide – MedlinePlus from the U.S. National Library of Medicine

Centre for Suicide Prevention

The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP) / Association canadienne pour la prévention du suicide (ACPS)

Teen Suicide - American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Kids Health – Information for Kids, Teens and Parents from the Nemours Foundation 

Prévenir le suicide - l’Association canadienne pour la santé mentale / Preventing Suicide - Canadian Mental Health Association

Association québécoise de prévention du suicide

Suicide – Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

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Toujours à l’écoute / Always There
● Jeunesse j’écoute / Kids Help Phone
● Gratuit / Free
● anglais et français / English and French
● Dernière mise-à-jour 2018 mars / Last updated March 2018
● L’application Toujours à l’écoute offre un espace protégé par mot de passe pour recueillir tes émotions au courant de la journée, et pour accéder à des pensées inspirantes, des conseils pour prendre soin de toi et des blagues qui ont le but de t’aider à gérer le stress. Le kiosque d’info offre beaucoup d’information sur la santé émotionnelle ainsi que d’autres sujets. Enfin, l’application peut également te connecter directement avec un intervenant de Jeunesse J’écoute par téléphone, ou à notre service de clavardage pendant ses heures d’ouverture. / The Kids Help Phone app provides a password protected space for you to log your feelings during the day, as well as youth-submitted inspirational quotes, tips on taking care of yourself, and jokes aimed at helping you cope with stress. The Info Booth has lots of information on emotional health topics and more.  Finally, the app can also connect you directly with a Kids Help Phone counselor over the phone, or during certain hours, Live Chat.
● Disponible depuis / Available from Google Play & iTunes

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Are we being hyper-vigilant about suicide watch? – CHEOvideos

What can I do now to reduce future risk of suicide in my children? - CHEOvideos

Are you having suicidal thoughts? – CHEOvideos

How can you tell if a youth is serious about killing themself? – CHEOvideos

How do you explain the suicide of someone you know to your child? – CHEOvideos

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Liaisons régionales 

Ottawa Distress Line
Outaouais Distress Line: 1-866-676-1080
Champlain District Mental Health Crisis Line: 613-722-6914 or 1-866-996-0991

Ligne de crise / Youth Crisis Line
Le services de ligne de crise & clavardage sont offerts aux enfants et aux jeunes de 18 ans et moins qui vivent une situation de crise, et aux parents, aux tuteurs, aux aidants, aux amis et aux fournisseurs de services qui s’inquiètent ausujet d’un jeune en situation de crise. / The 24/7 Crisis Line & Chat services are for children and youth ages 18 and under who are experiencing a crisis, and for parents, guardians, caregivers, friends or service providers who are concerned about a young person in crisis.

Jeunesse, j’écoute / Kids Help Phone

Section d'Ottawa de l'Association canadienne pour la santé mentale / Canadian Mental Health Association – Ottawa Branch
1355 Bank St., Suite 301
Ottawa, ON K1H 8K7

Suicide Action Montréal
866-277-3553 (Ailleurs au Québec)

PLEO – Parents: Lignes de secours de l’est de l’Ontario  / PLEO – Parents Lifelines of Eastern Ontario
Ottawa: 613-321-3211
À l’extérieur d’Ottawa / Outside Ottawa: 1-855-775-7005 (sans frais / Toll Free)
Notre ligne d’aide téléphonique est disponible du lundi au vendredi, de 9h à 19h. / Our Helpline is Staffed Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre
1755 Courtwood Crescent
Ottawa, ON K2C 3J2
Programs: For additional information on any of our programs please call 613-723-1623, extension 232.
Referrals: If you wish to make a referral and/or request services for your child, please contact our Intake Department at 613-723-1623, extension 232.

Ce guide fournit du matériel médical pour informations seulement et ne vise pas à remplacer les conseils du médecin. Ces informations pourraient ne pas toujours s'appliquer aux situations individuelles.

Ce guide présente le matériel disponible à la bibliothèque de ressources familiales du CHEO. Ce n'est pas une liste complète. Votre bibliothèque publique locale pourrait aussi être en mesure de vous fournir des informations précieuses.

Si vous avez besoin des documents en formats alternatifs, s’il vous plaît contacter le bibliothèque au 613-737-7600 ext. 2157 ou à  


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