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The First Year of Life: What You Need to Know!

For parents or future parents of babies 0 – 1 year old
(October 24th, 2011)


You Baby's First Year: Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow with Dr. Michelle Ward

Breakout sessions : Breakout Sessions will be presented at 7:30 pm and then repeated at 8:30 pm, enabling parents to attend two sessions of their choice.

Topics are:

Sleeping and Crying: What You Need to Know to Survive the First Year- with Dr. Michelle Ward

All babies cry. This session will explain why babies cry, how parents can help soothe them, and how to know whether crying represents a problem. If your baby isn’t sleeping, chances are you aren’t either. This session explores a variety of strategies for laying down healthy sleep habits.

Infant Play: The ‘Actors’, the ‘Stage’ and the ‘Script’! - Dr. Jonathan Ponesse

Parents often wonder if playing with their infant is something that they have to learn to do properly or to trust their intuition. Should it be serious and calculated or laid back and whimsical? Structured or unstructured? Parent- or child-lead? A means to learning or an end in itself? We will look at these issues and discover that with a few basic principles and practical tips, parents are better equipped with play competencies than they realize.

Click here to download a PDF of Dr. Ponesse's presentation.

When Should I Go to Emergency: Common Health Concerns & What to Do - Dr. Sarah Reid

Most babies have an uneventful first year of life and will never need the CHEO Emergency Department. However, there are some common conditions in new babies that need urgent treatment. We will discuss some common reasons to seek emergency department care - jaundice in the first week of life, fever, breathing difficulties during the winter months and more. Parents will learn what signs to watch for at home, when to be concerned and what they can expect at their CHEO Emergency Department visit.

Click here to download a PDF of Dr. Reid's presentation.

The Skinny on Feeding Your Little One: What the Baby Books Don’t Tell You! - Dr. Catherine Pound

In this session, we will review what, when, and how to feed your baby. Eating is a skill that babies need to learn, the same as walking, talking and sleeping. We will discuss infant feeding from birth to a year old, and how to cope with challenging periods such as nursing strikes, solid food transitioning and the picky eater.Advanced registration is preferred.

Click here to download a PDF version of Dr. Pound's presentation

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