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Newborn screening is important – but it doesn’t need to hurt

We all know that blood tests are painful for newborns and distressing for parents. However, there are simple and effective ways to reduce pain during screening and other painful procedures.

CHEO’s Be Sweet to Babies research team and the University of Ottawa’s School of Nursing have created a video demonstrating how to ease infant pain during painful procedures.


The video shows you how to reduce infant pain by using these simple techniques:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Skin to skin care (also known as kangaroo care)
  • Giving small amounts of sugar water (sucrose or glucose)

Research shows these techniques work, yet they are not being used often enough.

Please help us by:

  • Watching our video
  • Share this video with friends and family
  • Share and like this video on social media

This will help us reach a wide audience of parents and give them the information they need to improve pain management and to advocate for their newborns.

PDF symbolDownload factsheet from CHEO and Ottawa Public Health with easy-to-follow advice on how to reduce pain during injections for babies, children and teens

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