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Image of outdoor sceneCHEO and Roger’s House provide a comprehensive bereavement care program to families who have lost a child who was a patient at CHEO or a Roger’s House guest. Support is provided to the family throughout their journey from Child Life workers, Social workers and Spiritual Support Services and through group bereavement sessions, individual counseling, and by providing a variety of resources and memory making materials to the families.

When a child dies our feelings of devastation and pain are overwhelming. Nothing can prepare us, not the death of friends or family or even our own mortality. We expect our children to outlive us, and the shattering of this expectation is unique and complex; it is not like any other loss. But we need not walk alone.

Grief is another word for love… when a child dies you are not alone. Together, we share the pain – honouring, remembering, and reflecting.

But we need not walk alone.

With loss there is pain and sorrow. There are a thousand feelings that words alone cannot express. The hurt in a grieved and wounded heart, a heart that misses a precious child, is unbearable . . . but yet there is love, and nothing can take away that love.

Image of painted flowerThere is a love that is stronger than the loss, that is stronger than death and that transcends and brings back the reality of their presence in our lives.

Grief is another word for love. Love perhaps frozen in time, but a love that reflects, meditates and honors.

Grief is personal yet it can allow us ask for support and comfort from those around us. Support may come from family and friends, but the most profound support o6en comes from those who have sustained a similar loss, the loss of a child of any age.

Grieving is a normal reaction to this loss. It should not be shortened. It has to run its course in the short term and will likely continue in one form or another for the life of the parent. Some call this loss an emotional amputation.

Comfort can be found through the support, understanding and sharing of this loss with others with similar pain, similar grieving, similar loving.

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