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Success Stories

Bridget’s Story

Picture of BridgetI just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to all the CHEO volunteers. My daughter Bridget has had three hospital stays in the last three months and each time I do not know what we would've done without the volunteers. From bringing Bridget toys to sitting with her for a few minutes while I was able to go get coffee, food, have a shower, did I mention coffee? Everyone I met was so kind, thoughtful and caring and I only wish I could remember all the names of those who helped us so that they can be thanked individually.

During our stay last week, we were fortunate enough to be gifted a lovely quilt that made the hospital room more like home and less like a hospital room. As Bridget grows up I know this will be an item she will truly treasure as it represents the unimaginable generosity and thoughtfulness of our community.

While I hope it will be a long time before Bridget needs to be admitted again, at least I know that all future stays will be made that much easier by the dedicated team of CHEO volunteers. A relief to many parents that is so hard to adequately express. Again, thank you.

Ashley McCauley

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