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Choice and Partnership Approach – CAPA

CHEO’s Mental Health Program is changing the way we operate for our outpatient mental health services. Our new approach is called the Choice and Partnership Approach - CAPA.

CAPA puts patients and families at the centre of their own care. Using the CAPA approach, patients and service providers work together to choose the right care plan based on individual strengths and goals. Our aim is to do the right things for each individual (have a clear working goal), with the right people (with the appropriate skills), at the right time (with minimal waiting).

We are hopeful that by late 2016, this new approach will help us to greatly reduce the wait for mental health services and so be able to help more kids and families in a timely and effective way.

For more information, download our CAPA pamphlet, which summarizes the key components of this new approach to care.

Family Physicians and Community Paediatricians are encouraged to review this letter outlining the new CAPA process, and key changes that they may see when referring patients to our mental health programs.

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