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What can I donate?

Healthcare for infants, children and adolescents is specialized work and we have to make sure that we meet our patient’s needs.

Did you know that CHEO:

  • Has an elaborate program where, with the support of screened mature volunteers, we ensure that all the patients receive playtime either in their room, or within their unit’s activity room.
  • Staff and volunteers plan and deliver activities and projects for patients all year round, including holiday occasions to make it special for all patients and their families.

CHEO welcomes donations of the following:

Our biggest needs are:

  • Sewn blankets or quilts for infants and toddlers: minimum size 36 x 48 inches
  • Sewn blankets  or quilts for teenagers: 52 x 60 inches
  • Pillowcases, standard size,
  • Knitted blankets for children, youth and adolescents:
    • Child / Youth:  36" x 48"
    • Adolescent:    40" x 60"  
  • Knitted slippers for ages 4 - 18: must have non-slip / non adhesive materials on the soles. This requires hand-sewing the material in place with yarn and a darning needle. Slippers with Hot Glue strips, Puffy Paint, Silicone Caulk, Felt, Plasti-Dip, etc., do not provide a safe and adequate result.
  • Knitted finger puppets

     Please Note:

    We have a shortage of prints and colours that would appeal to boys or that are gender neutral

    Fabrics welcomed: cotton, fleece and synthetics

    Our units have specific clinical considerations. For this reason, we do not accept knitted items for infants and children under the age of 3 yrs.

    All donated items must be made with new washable materials, made in a smoke-free home, free from pet hair and do not have pins and detachable decorations.

    CHEO is NOT able to accept the following:

    Food products, used toys, stuffed animals, used books, used electronic games/videos and homemade toys/crafts. Due to our safety and infection control guidelines, patient allergies, and limited space, we cannot accept the above listed items. While many stuffed animals and toys appear new and clean, we cannot accept them as they may have been exposed to germs, dust, pets and bacteria. All of these create a risk to our patients, many who may have allergies and fragile immune systems.

    Please direct any inquiries to to coordinate a time to drop off your gift.

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