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Success Stories

Easton’s Story

CHEO has been amazing for my family from the very start. Photo of Easton

Our three-year-old son Easton was born early at 26 weeks and has had health issues ever since. He has a brain shunt and has had to have it revised several times.

On this particular visit to CHEO, my husband and I took him to the Emergency department where nurses recognized his symptoms right away and rushed him to a bed. We were immediately seen by an attending doctor, but unfortunately had to wait several hours for a consultation with a neurologist. But that didn't bother us as our son was now medicated and sleeping soundly.

The team of nurses and doctors were amazing! Even after all my son’s scans were taken and there was no real evidence of his shunt being blocked, the team didn’t dismiss our concerns about the way our son was acting, and they went ahead with exploratory surgery. I was very relieved when after a short three-hour surgery they informed us that his shunt had indeed been blocked.

I am just so grateful for all the doctors and nurses who worked with us and not against us. I honestly owe them my life. Over the years, they have saved our son repeatedly and continue to do so. They are amazing miracle workers. I don't know what we would do without every single last person at CHEO, from the admissions department to the doctors to that amazing clown, Molly Penny. Everyone, no matter how small the role is, plays a huge part in our family’s story at CHEO.

This particular visit was simply the best, out of a bad situation. Thank you a thousand times over.

Amanda Harris

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