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Ella's Story

Our daughter Ella was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia at CHEO in July 2015. Many nurses and doctors stood out -- for many reasons. What an amazing team and support system we had in CHEO. I have the utmost respect for everyone we came in contact with. Dr. Nasr came in on his days Picture of Ellaoff to check on Ella and some of our nurses even came up to see us when we switched floors.

And there’s our favourite medical student – Alex Dufort. I wish that he could see us now. I hope he is doing great things (I know he will be doing great things). He had a great bedside manner and was very easy to talk to. He made the effort to see us in ICU (which holy smokes, the ICU, they could write a book about great teamwork skills and communications. They went above and beyond).

We never saw Alex again, but I hope he continues to make such great impacts on families and those he comes in contact with. I hope that the drive that made him become a doctor never gets lost. He made a lasting impact on our family. As a nurse myself… I know all about medical students. Alex was much more than a student. He cared and he gave hope.

Our daughter is five months out of her liver transplant, saying Mama and growing so quickly before our eyes. Thank you CHEO for helping us along this journey.

Ashley Moores

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