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Gabrielle’s story


I would like to say thank you to all the staff that worked Friday night, March 11 in the CHEO Emergency. It was a busy night.

Picture of GabrielleI am sorry for not remembering all the names or misspelling some, but thank you to the front team that admitted my daughter Gabrielle. Thank you as well to Mustafa Al-Janabi, the nursing student, the staff that assisted him, the xray technician, the porters who helped with the travel, Dr. Ken Farion and Dr. Eden Story. Thank you to Sarah Tessier who did the MRI on the Monday prior to our visit as well as a wonderful follow-up. We were waiting for the worst news ever – fearing a Leukemia diagnosis. You listened, you smiled, you supported us and most of all you made us feel human.

We got good news – no cancer. But without your diligence and wonderful work, I wouldn't have been able to be that strong for my girl.

Milles mercis. They say to pay it forward -- I am no doctor, nurse, or specialist, but if ever I can help, you call and I'll be there.

Marie-Michelle Gauthier

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