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Check out the latest ways that the CHEO IBD Centre is being recognized.

 Researchers tackle Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis in children

Genome Canada has awarded Dr. David Mack, Dr. Alain Stintzi along with a team of researchers at the University of Ottawa and CHEO $9.1 million by to help crack the mystery of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis (Inflammatory Bowel Disease - IBD) and find better treatments. With these funds, the team expects to make a significant difference in the lives of children like Sebastien.

 Click here to see Sebastien's story



IBD in kids under 5 on rise in Canada

Photo of Matthew

Growing numbers of Canadian children are being diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease at a young age every year. The number of children under five being diagnosed with IBD is alarming because it was almost unheard of 20 years ago, and it is now much more common.

Click here for Citizen article
Click here for Global news coverage 



Nature Communications, November 23, 2016

Photo of Dr. Mack

Research published in the November 23 online science journal, Nature Communications, titled “Altered intestinal microbiota–host mitochondria crosstalk in new onset Crohn’s disease” is discussed on Radio Canada International with Marc Montgomery. Please visit the links below to see story and listen to the interview.

Interview 1
Interview 2



Microbiome Study, November 27, 2016

Picture of Dr. David Mack

A recent publication in Nature Communications prompts discussion during CBC Radio’s All In A Day feature with Dr. Mack. Dr. Mack, professor at the Department of Pediatrics and Director of CHEO’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease Centre, Dr. Alain Stintzi, professor at uOttawa’s Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, Dr. Daniel Figeys, professor at uOttawa’s Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology; and Christian Jobin, professor at the Department of Medicine of the University of Florida continue their collaborative efforts with this study.

CBC Radio's All In A Day  covers results from microbiome study conducted by Dr. David Mack and Dr. Alain Stinzi.



Rising rate of IBD in very young children in Canada, November 20, 2016

Picture of Dr. Benchimol
CTV National covers research by Dr. Eric Benchimol and CanGIEC
on rising rate of IBD in very young children in Canada.

Click on the video links below to See Dr. Benchimol’s CTV coverage of this important research:

Video 1
Video 2




Younger Immigrants at Greater Risk of Developing IBD: Research from the CHEO IBD Centre

"IBD is a disease of Westernized nations, with high rates in North America and Europe, and low rates in Asia, Africa, and South America,” researcher Dr. Eric Benchimol stated in a recent interview with CTV news. “Rates increased dramatically in Eastern Europe in recent decades and are increasing in other nations as Western lifestyle becomes more prevalent." Dr. Benchimol's interviews with CTV news can be found here:


Dr. David Mack wins Distinguised Mentor Award


Dr. Mack was the recipient of the 2014 Distinguished Mentor Award from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa. This award recognizes the contributions of members who provide quality mentoring relationships. Dr. Mack was presented his award at the Professional Promotions & Awards Ceremony on February 12th.




Government Supporting Groundbreaking Genomics Research Advancing Personalized Health in Ontario

Dr. Alain Stintzi and Dr. David Mack together with IBD patient Max
Dr. Alain Stintzi and Dr. David Mack together with IBD patient Max (pictured) joined the Honourable Reza Moridi, Minister of Research and Innovation at the announcement October 4th of the Government of Ontario's Support of Groundbreaking Genomics Research Advancing Personalized Health in Ontario. Dignitaries at the event include Dr. Jacques Bradweijn, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa; Dr. Alison Symington, VP Corporate Development, Ontario Genomics Institute; and MPP John Fraser, Ottawa South. Drs Mack and Stintzi addressed the significance of their research and their motivation in children like Max. Read more here. See more photos.





Dr. Katie Huth and her buddy "Colin" awarded Best Resident Presentation at 26th Annual National Pediatric Resident and Fellow Research Competition

Timage of Dr. Huthhroughout flu season, families and patients at the CHEO IBD Centre had been given an iPad as they waited for their appointment. In about 10 minutes, they were able to go through the learning module—an app entitled IBD, the Flu, and YOU! — following along with 14-year-old Colin, whose name, amusingly, is a play on "colon". Colin explained how the flu shot works and why it’s beneficial for children, with or without IBD. Click here to read the article written by Lucy Morrissey for the Ottawa Citizen, November 11, 2013! Dr. Huth presented this work at a National Research Competition in May 2014 and has been awarded Best




Dr. David Mack receives Genome Canada - Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Grant

image of Dr. MackDr. David  Mack awarded prestigious grant from Genome Canada—Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) partnership for his work entitled “The microbiota at the intestinal mucosa-immune interface: A gateway for personalized health”. This project is one of four funded in Ontario. Dr. Mack, Director of the CHEO IBD Centre along with Dr. Alain Stintzi, Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, University of Ottawa are Principal Investigators on this very exciting work.

“What's exciting about these projects is that each one holds enormous potential for breakthroughs where there is a serious clinical need. Personalized health is about tailoring treatment and medicines to the individual patient based on their unique genetic makeup and this is only possible through advances in genomics research, ” said Dr. Pierre Meulien, President and CEO of Genome Canada. Read Press Release Here 



Canadian Children Inflammatory Bowel Disease Network: a Joint Pertnership of CIHR and CHILD Foundaiton

TCHEO IBD Centre logohe CHEO IBD Centre is pleased to announce the new CHILD/CIHR Canadian Children IBD Network, CIDsCaNN. This network will bring together the major academic IBD centres across Canada of which the CHEO IBD Centre is an integral part. The network is being funded through a CIHR/CHILD Foundation Joint Partnership grant that was awarded in April and will run through 2018. It is expected that this will be the foundation for a long term program in improving the understanding and care of children with IBD. The overall objective of the network is to establish the necessary infrastructures for clinical and biomedical research. The CHEO IBD Centre is thrilled to be involved in this innovative Canadian



"Best of DDW (Digestive Disease Week) 2013" awarded to CHEO IBD Centre

 image of Julia SorbaraJulia Sorbara, a graduating University of Ottawa medical student, worked with Dr. David Mack on ‘Prolonged Exposure to Prednisone is Decreasing in Children with IBD During the Last Decade’, The project was accepted to the DDW (Digestive Disease Week) meeting. This is the largest Gastroenterology (both adult and pediatric) meeting in the world. There were some 4415 abstracts accepted for posters and another 1057 abstracts accepted for oral presentation. Julia’s was one of those accepted for oral presentation which is an unprecedented feat as a medical student. Her presentation subsequently was chosen as one of the top 80 of all presentations and will be put together in a release called “BEST OF DDW 2013” which will be coming out




Research Team awarded PROTECT Study "Golden Scope Award" 

The GoldeGolden Scope Award logon Scope Award has been granted to the team at the CHEO IBD Centre by Dr. Jeffrey Hyams. This award is granted to a Research Group for outstanding participation in the PROTECT Study. The CHEO IBD Centre was chosen as one of  25 leading pediatric institutions throughout the United States and Canada to participate in the study.  “This study will be the first of its kind in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease that will allow us to develop a better understanding of why there is such variability in the response of children treated with standard therapies,” explained Dr. Hyams.  “By studying genetic, immunologic, and microbiologic aspects of the disease at diagnosis and through its course we hope to be able to design more successful therapies for children with ulcerative colitis.”


The study “Safety and utilization of influenza immunization in children with inflammatory bowel disease” in the news!

“Whimage of Dr. Benchimolile influenza immunization rates in children with IBD are low, immunization did not
result in increased adverse events or contacts with the health system,” says Dr. Eric Benchimol, lead author.  The study is published in Pediatrics.

Read more and visit news coverage at CBCOttawa Citizen, and U.S. News and World Report



Katie Huth, PGY2 Pediatrics, wins Best Overall Research Presentation at 37th Annual Resident Research Day

Katie Image of Dr. Huth Huth is a second-year pediatric resident at CHEO who became interested in exploring vaccination status and beliefs in patients with IBD after spending time in the IBD Centre last summer. She enjoys learning from families and working with the interdisciplinary IBD team to understand how to provide the best care for patients. Dr. Huth, in collaboration with the CHEO IBD Centre and a 98% participation rate of CHEO IBD Centre families, presented the findings of the "Flu Shot Study" to win this coveted honour!




3C Foundation Youth Video

Congratulations and thank you to Samantha, Jess (graduate of the CHEO IBD Centre) and Jacob in their film debut featured at the 3C Foundation “Gut Together” held October 26th at Ambassador Ray and Patricia Basset’s gorgeous Irish Ambassador’s Residence in Rockcliffe Park. Funds raised at the event help support our youth at the CHEO IBD Centre.

Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Month

CHEO IBD Centre Gastroenterologist Dr. Eric Benchimol and Inflammatory Bowel Disease patient Andrea Hopkins dropped by CTV Morning Live to discuss Inflammatory Bowel Disease and new data that shows Canada has the highest reported prevalence of IBD cases in the world.


CHEO IBD Centre logoArticle in @TorontoStar on rising rates of IBD in children including interview with Dr. Benchimol from our CHEO IBD Centre.
Inflammatory bowel disease on rise in Ontario, most notably among children
Published on Thursday November 01, 2012
Isabel Teotonio, The Toronto Star
Click here to read full story.


Dr. Mack's Research Team featured in RISK Stratification Study Newsletter

The image of Dr. MackCHEO IBD Centre was honoured to be featured as the "Center Highlight" in the RISK Stratification Project Newsletter. As the Director of the CHEO IBD Centre, Dr. Mack states "we strongly believe in collaborative efforts and strive to be strong partners in North American and international IBD studies and initiatives. Our hope is that rapid gain in knowledge, early implementation of the best new practices and improvements in IBD pediatric care is a consistent goal and expectation of our research activities."

You can download the May 2012 edition of the newsletter or read an excerpt from the newsletter here.




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