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IBD, The Flu and YOU!

Learn about the influenza (flu) vaccine from your doctors, and decide
if the flu shot is right for you!

IBD, the FLU, and YOU!


This educational module is free for non-profit use, and brought to you by the care team at the CHEO IBD Centre. It is protected under terms of the Creative Commons license.


 Care, Curiosity, Commitment


Visit "Colin" to learn about IBD, the Flu and YOU! Malika (left) took the first shot and Sam and Rodney (right) took the top stars at the CHEO IBD Centre. "Colin" helped IBD patients and their parents understand the importance of getting the flu shot. If you missed the educational sessions at the CHEO IBD Centre, view the presentation to get more information and visit your family doctor to get your flu shot!  




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