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Isabelle's Story: My Miracle Girl

Picture of IsabelleI can still remember the day when my daughter Isabelle was diagnosed with Common Variable Immunodeficiency – a disorder of the immune system. Since her birth, every year Isabelle had dealt with different medical issues, but it was only in May 2011 that the physicians at CHEO diagnosed her illness.

Since then we’ve been down a rocky road, familiar to many parents with a chronically ill child. Trips to CHEO become more frequent. Your child depends on you for everything – you feel that your child’s life is in your hands. Little did we know that this journey doesn’t prepare you to go through the impossible.

Just when we thought we knew what we were dealing with, things started to become worse. As years went by, Isabelle’s organs were all affected, and more tests needed to be done. Her health deteriorated, and in 2014 she underwent a bone marrow transplant to attempt to save her life. Isabelle’s life was at a standstill. There was no improvement, and her survival was once again hanging by a thread. In April 2015, she had a severe lung infection that almost took her life.

The passion and dedication of the team at CHEO, along with their investment in my child’s wellbeing, has made this journey easier. The physicians at CHEO are driven by the desire to improve the health of children. Through the chaos and difficult emotional times, CHEO and its physicians and nurses became our home away from home and our extended family. They have the knowledge to guide you during the worst moments of your life.

Because Isabelle is a teenager, she’s more aware of her surroundings. She has had to face difficult decisions. She is wise beyond her years and still fights for what she wants and believes. Her love and determination are immeasurable.

We are fortunate to have you and so very proud of you.

Papa, Maman, Maryline and Venessa

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