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Success Stories

Jack’s story

Hi Alex,

My email is to let you know about my family’s experience at CHEO over the last 10 weeks - the short of it is you should be very proud of the organization you oversee.

One of my twin boys (Jack) was rushed to emergency on the evening of March 7 after he suffered a seizure at home. We were admitted later that evening and, because of a hunch or a feeling from the attending doctor, Jack had a CT scan that revealed some sort of growth behind his left ear. The neurosurgeon on call was Dr. David McAuley and he was in front of me 30 minutes after the results - which would have been around 3 am. I know it’s his job but at that moment, with that news, I was so impressed with the speed with which this all unfolded.

Jack was admitted under his care and we stayed in the hospital (5 East) for the next 13 days while he was tePicture of Jacksted and scanned and X-ray’d until he was deemed sound to leave the building. We did for 2 weeks (with one brief stopover to emergency because of my paranoid nature on the Saturday night before Easter) and then back again for a scheduled MRI.

The MRI led to a 17-hour brain surgery the following Wednesday that didn’t go as well as hoped. We were in ICU for 3 days and recovered so well up on 5 East until the next Wednesday where Dr. McAuley and his insanely talented team operated again for 14 hours and removed the entire growth. Four more days on 5 East and we were discharged.

All told we were under your care for 24 days, had 31 hours of brain surgery, more than a few anxious moments, but Jack had his first day of school today, 20 days after his last surgery with no ill-effects and 2 very appreciative parents.

Every single person we met while under CHEO’s care are heroes Alex. I’ve never been more appreciative, more in awe and more overwhelmed with emotion towards what they did for my son and my family. Words of thanks don’t do it justice - nothing will. The facility you run, the people you employ saved Jack’s life. Nothing can repay that debt. No words can express how my wife Sandra, Jack’s twin brother Ben or myself feel about what CHEO has done. We are so thankful to have CHEO here and so thankful to have the talent sitting inside of that building.

Dr. McAuley has been incredible, but I would also like to draw special attention to his entire team - including the absolutely amazing Belinda Dundon who kept us sane and updated and grounded throughout this entire ordeal. The nurses on 5 East were so great to Jack and do work that is deserving of sainthood.

No words can express our gratitude so this email will have to do…On behalf of Jack and his brother Ben and myself and my wife Sandra, we are so thankful to you all for what you guys do every single day without thought.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With absolute gratitude,

The entire Woodbridge clan (Rob, Sandra, Jack and Ben)

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