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Success Stories

Maxim’s story

Eleven years ago my son Maxim was born pre-maturely in Gatineau.

Three pictures of Maxim: 2 as baby in hospital, and 11 years oldYour CHEO transport team came and carefully brought him to CHEO where he received the best care in the world. He spent a month in your NICU and there were times that I wondered if my son would survive. With the care he received from the nurses and doctors in the NICU, he got stronger everyday.

He is now a healthy, thriving 11 year old boy…pitcher for his Moustique “A” baseball team that recently went to the provincial championships representing Western Quebec. I have attached a photo taken in your NICU 11 years ago and another one recently.

There was one nurse in particular that looked after my son Maxim, and his name was Al*. I wish I knew his last name, or whether he still works there, but I think about him and what he did for my son all the time.

I have no words that can begin to express my gratitude. My son is my world, and everything I do is for him…and your team at CHEO allowed me to be a father to the most wonderful child in the world.

Keep up the outstanding work. You are all forever in my thoughts. You are all Angels.

Forever thankful!

Mike Little and Maxim Monette-Little

*Al Hawkins was a dedicated NICU nurse for many years. He retired from CHEO in 2014.

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