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MindMasters Series

The MindMasters series (Mini MindMasters, MindMasters, MindMasters 2) are bilingual resources that help children learn to manage their emotions through fun activities. Parents, caregivers and teachers can use the resources to help children build positive thinking, stress control, relaxation and mindfulness skills.

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MindMasters 2, the newest version, enhances the original MindMasters activities , by combining new techniques and technology to meet the needs of today’s children.

MindMasters 2 introduces these skills to children in fun and age-appropriate ways. With practice, children will be able to use these skills on their own, in a variety of settings throughout their lifetime.

The toolkit includes:

  • Guidebook – instructions, discussion questions, suggested times to use each activity and tips around how to adapt activities to all developmental levels
  • Accompanying media and resources - songs, videos and printable templates
  • Free app for iPad – interactive activities

Download the free toolkit and find out more at

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