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Navigator Program Activities

What can parents expect from the Navigator program?

System Navigator

System Navigators will:

  • Connect parents to the supports and services they need;
  • Ensure families have access to funding and services they qualify for, advocacy, counselling, visiting with families during admissions and in the community, ensuring siblings have access to needed pro- social resources, etc.;
  • Offer therapeutic support groups geared toward the needs identified by families. ‘Caring for the Caregiver’ is a support group focused on the trauma and chronic stress related to caring for a child with complex medical needs.

Parent Navigator

Parent Navigators bring their own personal, lived experiences in caring for a child with complex medical needs. They will offer “peer-to-peer” support in areas such as:

  • Peer to peer support where parents need it
  • Informal coffee and chat meetings in the community
  • “A Day in the Life” Awareness Campaign of parents of medically fragile children
  • Peer support during admissions and clinic visit
  • Social gatherings (paint nights, annual family fun day) promoting caring connections intent to cultivate community of support for families.
  • Peer on-line data base

Knowledge Navigation

This involves gathering information to develop more effective tools and strategies for supporting parents. We’ll learn from parents and caregivers about their needs and where there are gaps in support. Through this process, we aim to:

  • Compile comprehensive needs and gaps assessment
  • Develop an inventory of local resources for families of children with medical complexity and technology dependent
  • Develop partnerships with CAPHC, CCKO, University, Change Foundation, Caregiver coalition, Citizen Advocacy
  • Create an awareness of the lived experience to sensitize towards a system change
  • Establish a psycho-social Community of Practice with Social Workers in region
  • Build best practices and a tool kit for organizations
  • Generate organizational and community capacity;
  • Make recommendations for a sustainable system to support parents (locally, provincially and nationally)
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