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Success Stories

Riley’s story

Photo de RileyOn November 26, I checked my seven year old daughter Riley into CHEO for moderate abdominal pain, vomiting, headache, dizziness, and lethargy. She was unable to sit up or walk without screaming in pain and/or throwing up. I was concerned at the time that we would be easily dismissed at the hospital. We drove out from Perth and made our way to CHEO because I felt Perth doesn't have the child-sized equipment she might need.

At CHEO we were through triage, registration, waiting room and into a patient room to be seen by a doctor within half an hour of our arrival. That was fantastic! 

The nurses and our doctors there were all so incredibly kind, accommodating, sweet and fun. They really did everything in their power to make us feel comfortable and looked after. 

They sat with my daughter so I could grab a bite to eat. There was a menu for her to choose something she felt her tummy could handle. The team in the Emergency Department gave her a banana popsicle (her favourite) and they let her watch cartoons while she was hooked up to her IV or getting blood drawn or just waiting. Each person we came across made us feel like we were the only patients in the hospital. 

When leaving, they sent us home with everything we would need and all our questions answered.

I really could not have been more impressed with them, or the hospital itself. I can be a harsh critic at times, but they gave me no reason to be critical on that day. As we were leaving, my daughter asked if we could go back again soon to see our new friends.

I am a single mom who went there feeling very alone and concerned. I really wished I had someone with me to help me stay calm, make sure I remember everything and keep us company. The staff there managed to completely fill that role. I felt as though I had many partners there for me/us and that was invaluable.

Thank you so much for taking such amazing care of my daughter and for making me feel so comfortable.

We will never forget that experience.


Kelly Cleverdon and a beautiful 7 year old on the mend.

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