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Success Stories

Roslyn's Story

Image of baby RoslynOn November 22, 2016 our beautiful daughter Roslyn was born. Due to her coming so quickly (3 hours to be exact) she didn't have enough time to fully clear out her lungs. Because of that, she was having a very difficult time breathing and unable to feed by mouth without aspirating. Our local hospital, the Pembroke Regional Hospital, did all that they could to help our daughter, with no success, for long periods of time. A bipap was attempted, an NG tube was inserted and an umbilical IV was placed into her tiny belly to give her nutrition via sugar water. It was eventually decided that she needed more care and the hospital didn't have the tools to properly treat her.

The CHEO Neonatal Transport Team was called. They travelled by ambulance from Belleville to Pembroke and arrived shortly after 6 a.m. the following day. They arrived with a calm and gentle presence. They greeted my husband and I with confidence and professionalism. The two women (whom I unfortunately forget their names) did their initial head to toe examination and very quietly and gently handled our daughter with the utmost care and respect, explaining each step they were doing along the way. This was especially comforting since I am a nurse, but my husband and in-laws greatly appreciated being told what the "lingo" all meant. Our daughter, who was only hours old at the time, was then transported to the Ottawa Civic hospital, as her condition wasn't high risk and did not necessitate a stay at CHEO. She stayed at the Civic, where she then received the rest of her care before coming home.

We can't say enough good things about the CHEO Neonatal Transport team. For even though our encounter with them was brief, we know the importance of their services and how detailed and loving their team is. We have always donated to CHEO, but with our last encounter in mind, we now donate more. The life of our daughter holds no amount of money. Thank you CHEO, you allowed two parents to see the light, and feel comfort in your presences and care.

Kayla and Cody Chaput

Heather Moore, RN and Kerry Kitts, RT are the CHEO team members who cared for Roslyn during her transport

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