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Enhancing security on inpatient units
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CHEO is putting safety first and enhancing security on inpatient units. On the 4th and 5th floors, we’re installing new security doors. Parents, visitors, staff, volunteers and physicians will need a valid access card to get into inpatient units, or can call into the unit to have the doors opened. Doors will open automatically in an emergency (like a fire alarm).

How will parents and visitors get into inpatient units?

There will be 2 ways to get into inpatient units. Parents and guardians can choose to use an access card or the intercom.

  1. Access card

Parents or caregivers:

  • Can fill out a form to get an access card;
  • Must return the card to Admitting when their child or teen is discharged or transferred to another unit;
  • Will be charged $50 for lost or damaged cards.

To enter the unit:

  1. Swipe the card over the card reader.
  2. Pull the door open when you hear the opening ‘click’.
  3. Please don’t hold the door open for anyone else.

To leave the unit:
Swipe the card over the card reader by the exit door after you sign out.

  1. Intercom

Parents, caregivers and visitors can also use the intercom outside the unit. A camera allows unit clerks or nurses to see who is ringing the bell. Unit staff can unlock the door from the desk.

To enter the unit:

  1. Press the button to speak to the unit nurse or clerk.
  2. Pull the door open once you hear the opening ‘click’.
  3. Please don’t hold the door open for anyone else.

To leave the unit:
The nurse or unit clerk will unlock the door for you when you sign out.

All visitors must stop at the main desk in the unit to sign in when they arrive, and sign out when they leave.

Can patients still leave the unit to go to the playroom, coffee shop, gift shop or cafeteria?

Absolutely! We do need to keep track of where patients are, though. Please tell your nurse if your child or teen plans to leave the unit. Patients will need to sign out of the unit when they leave, and sign in again when they return.

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