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Success Stories

Serenity's Story Photo of Serenity dressed up as a princess

When my daughter was two years old, she had a cavity, but I could not find a pediatric dentist who would take her. CHEO booked her right away. She was on heavy antibiotics for a couple weeks through an IV, but once she was clear for dental surgery, she was taken right away.

The staff walked me through every step and the volunteers helped me cope when she was put under for the surgery. The volunteers and nurses were always there to assure me everything would be OK.

After her surgery, in the recovery room for day surgeries, I found the nurses very attentive, kind and very considerate to all the children waking up. They attended every single child's need and worry. The staff was so helpful and so kind. Some kids were worried about eating after their tonsils being removed and would cry and the nurse would comfort them and explain they were OK and smile. Other families in the waiting room with me were telling me stories about how wonderful the staff and volunteers are with parents and children every step of the way.

Not only did my daughter and myself have a great experience, but I saw first- hand how others were treated and heard so many stories from parents who were at CHEO regularly about how caring and wonderful the whole CHEO team is.

Today my daughter is 5 years old and happy and healthy. We are watching her teeth as they grow in and so far they are growing straight.

Children are our lives. The CHEO team understands that and values and respects that. CHEO is truly a wonderful hospital for children and their families. Lots of care and lots of heart is seen in the staff and volunteers. They are there for the whole family and that is so awesome.

Hana-Lyn Churchill

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