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Thomas' StoryPhoto of little blonde boy watering garden

Our beautiful son was born on November 30, 2013. We had a very difficult delivery and he was born without vital signs. Shortly after birth and resuscitation the CHEO Neonatal Transport Team came to take our son to the NICU at CHEO. Thomas was treated with a type of induced hypothermia or "cooling" which helps to slow down all the processes of his body and hopefully to stop any brain damage from occurring. He initially did well and then things took a turn for the worse and he became very ill. He was on life support and had chest tubes, drains and lines coming from everywhere. It was the scariest time of our lives but after a long month he was ready to go home.

Today he is a strong, courageous, intelligent and handsome 2.5 year old. We are so lucky that he did not suffer any long term damage and that he is excelling in everything that he does.

Our family will be forever grateful for the help for the entire NICU team. With the support of the social worker, the angel nurses and amazing doctors we were able to cope with the toughest month of our lives. A special thank you to Dr. Moore, Dr. Redpath, and the nurses Cheryl, Karen, Bonnie and Vicky, I don't know what we would have done without you!

Laura Crupi

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