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Health Promotion

Preventing illness and injuries is a far better prescription for health and well-being than having to treat them. Studies have confirmed time and time again that sound nutrition, adequate housing, and use of protective equipment when taking part in sports and physical activities are some of the ways that we can keep the kids in our community healthy and active.

CHEO is fortunate to have some of the country’s top experts in the physical and mental health of children and teens --passionate people drawn to their professions and to CHEO because they want to make a difference. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of children, youth and their families whether they come through our doors or not.

The Parenting in Ottawa program, a partnership between CHEO and Ottawa Public Health (OPH), is focused on helping parents in the community keep their kids healthy and well and out of hospital.

In addition, the CHEO Healthy Kids annual awards program recognizes the achievements of individuals and programs dedicated to promoting healthy living in kids.

Sharing our Expertise

Starting on November 18, 2015, CTV Ottawa, CHEO and Ottawa Public Health will partner to present Parenting in Ottawa events and topics during CTV’s News @ Six newscast. Interviews and stories will feature CHEO and public health experts and patients discussing key
physical and mental health topics.

The series will look at some of the simple and affordable things we can all do in our homes, schools, and local communities to make a difference -- whether it is dealing with sleep challenges, looking for warning signs, or simply wearing a helmet.

CTV Segments:

  • Week 1:  TBD

2012 Healthy Kids Segments - links to an external website 


Advocacy is an important element in health promotion. CHEO's Advocacy Committee, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, advocates for public policies that affect the health and well-being of children, youth and their families by contributing its voice and expertise to critical issues in our community.  CHEO’s advocacy program is focused on four primary platforms: poverty, obesity, mental health and injury prevention.

CHEO is not alone in its pursuit to ensure that every child and youth has all the opportunities to grow up healthy and happy -- many organizations and individuals in our community are working towards this goal as well. Together we will identify the key issues impacting the health of our children and youth and what we, as a community, can do to change and make a difference.

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