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Spring and summer services

Download the spring and summer services guide. 

Image of CHEO spring and summer services guide with smiling child on the cover

Evidence-based behaviour services

Evidence-based behaviour services are provided by highly-trained clinical staff at CHEO's autism centres. CHEO clinicians use applied behaviour analysis (ABA) principles in full-time comprehensive behavioural intervention (comprehensive IBI) or part-time ABA-based services (focused ABA programs, depending on your family's goals and your child or youth's specific needs.

Please note that space for EBBS programs is limited. Start date options are available in May, June and July 2019. 

What does EBBS include?

Both our full-time (comprehensive IBI) and part-time (focused ABA) EBBS packages include the following:

  • individualized assessment, service plan and service summary
  • supervision from one of our board certified behaviour analysts
  • instruction from our highly-trained clinical staff in individual and group settings
  • parent/guardian training and resources to support skill transfer at home and in the community
  • school collaboration

How do I get started with EBBS?

  • Email us to set up your free phone consultation. You'll speak to a CHEO representative who can help your family navigate which EBBS options are most suited for your child or youth.
  • Establish a start date and meet the team at your service location.
  • Bring your child and youth for their individualized assessment. The assessment will be overseen by a board certified behaviour analyst who will help identify individualized goals.
  • Receive your individualized behaviour service plan outlining the plan to support your child.

Communicate and play

This eight week program is designed for young, newly diagnosed children and their families. You and your child will come twice per week for eight weeks to develop communication, cooperation and play skills.
This program is delivered by trained ABA therapists and includes:

  • handouts to help develop skills at home
  • option to attend a workshop with a speech language pathologist
  • one individualized session at the end of the program
Email us at to register. 

Momentum education sessions

Every education session includes two consultations with our trained clinicians to meet your individualized needs. Our sessions cover a variety of topics including toileting, picky eating, sleep training and more!

Download CHEO's spring and summer momentum session calendar. 

Before you attend a workshop, we ask parents and guardians to get familiar with the basic principles of applied behaviour analysis (ABA). This includes proactive behaviour strategies, prompting and reinforcement. Learning these strategies in advance will make sure you get the most out of your workshop. Complete the Introduction to autism: free online series course from the Geneva Centre for Autism at

School readiness 

This is a twelve week program with the option to attend a minimum of six weeks. In July/August/September your child will spend six hours per week (two afternoons per week) in CHEO's unique classroom setting. In September, they will begin to transition to school and be ready for full-time school in October.
This program is delivered by trained ABA therapists and includes:

  • individualized assessment
  • custom behaviour service plan
  • parent/guardian support
  • service summary
  • consultation with schools

Family Night 

Welcome to parents, guardians, siblings and their children and/or youth with autism! You don’t have to be registered with CHEO to join a family night. This meet-up offers crafts and games for kids to enjoy, and an opportunity for adults to socialize with each other and CHEO staff.

Registration for family night is required. Please email us ( to confirm your attendance and group size.

Dates and locations

  • May 29 from 6:30p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at 1002 Beaverbrook Road
  • June 12 from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at 2280 St Laurent Blvd

Cost: no charge, parking and snacks included

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