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How to Make an Appointment

To obtain an appointment with a cardiologist, your pediatrician, family physician or another physician-specialist must refer you. All referrals are reviewed and appointments are scheduled based on the urgency of the case.

Referral Criteria:

All New Patients Require Physician Referral

If this is an urgent referral requiring an assessment in less than 48 hours, the referring physician must call CHEO’s main number (613-737-7600) and page the Cardiologist on service.

How Does the Referral Process Work?

The referring physician provides information about the patient to the Cardiology Department. This information is then reviewed and used to decide the appropriate time to be seen by a Cardiologist. Because of this, the Division of Cardiology cannot guarantee an appointment within a specific period of time. Patients are notified directly either by phone or by mail of their appointment time. If no one is at home at the time of the call, a message is left to call the Cardiology Department to confirm the appointment.

Cardiology will contact the referring physician if there are special instructions for the family and patient regarding their visit.

Making a Referral

PDF symbol  Download the Cardiac Referral Form for Healthcare Professionals.

Mail or fax the referral form to:

Division of Cardiology, CHEO
401 Smyth Road
Ottawa, ON K1H 8L1
Fax: 613-738-4835

  • Please include with your referral:
    • any relevant test results
    • any relevant discharge summaries or reports
    • relevant family history
    • other relevant medical history
    • list of current medications
    • allergy information.
  • Please indicate on the referral if an interpreter is required and for which language if not English or French.
  • It is the referring physician's responsibility to notify the Cardiology Department if the status of the patient changes.
  • It is the referring physician’s responsibility to notify the patient and family of their referral to CHEO.

Referral Criteria for Specialized Testing

Echocardiograms (ECHO’s) are provided on a limited basis without prior cardiac consultation. Generally this is appropriate when a specific diagnosis is being considered i.e. Marfan’s Syndrome.

ECG’s are available upon request by physician referral.

Provide This Information for Patients and Families

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