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Centre for Healthy Active Living

Risk for obesity is largely dependent on genetic and biologic risk factors. Weight loss and especially sustained weight loss is very challenging due to strong neuroendocrine mechanisms that protect against this. Healthy bodies exist in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Our focus when working with children, youth and families is on improving overall health and well-being. Evidence suggests that obesity is a chronic condition and while weight loss may occur in a few of the patients we see, this is not the focus of our program.

Our mission:

To improve the health and quality of life of children with weight related health complications and support them and their families in achieving a healthy active lifestyle.

CHEO’s Centre for Healthy Active Living works with children and their families with complex severe obesity through one coordinated and patient-specific plan of care which includes specialists such as a pediatric endocrinologist, general pediatrician, psychologists, case management nurse, registered dietitian, exercise specialist, social worker and child and youth counselor.

Recognizing that healthy bodies come in a wide range of body shapes and sizes, CHEO’s Centre for Healthy Active Living works with families to help them improve health through changes in health behaviours. Making changes to health behaviours - how and what you eat, how you move and how you cope - can lead to significant improvements in health and well-being, with little or no changes in body weight.

Patients must meet criteria and be referred by a physician using our  referral form

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