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Are you looking for information on mental health? We want to help! CHEO has created this special mental health website to help you navigate the many services and resources available to children, youth and their families.

CHEO is one of the largest providers of child and youth mental health services in Ontario. More than 3000 children visit CHEO’s Emergency department with a mental health crisis each year. At least 500,000 Ontario children – up to one in five – have difficulties that are diagnosed as a serious mental illness, and sadly the numbers are still on the rise. CHEO has developed programs and services to enhance the lives of children and youth who suffer from mental illness and to support their families.

CHEO and The Royal have developed a plan to help us adapt to the changed environment of child and youth mental health and guide our services into the future. The Young Minds Partnership strategy was developed by surveying over 800 staff, physicians, researchers, community groups, children, youth, and families. This plan will improve our services by working closely with community partners, reducing wait times, improving transitions from youth to adult services, and more. This plan is designed to improve the lives of those suffering from mental illness, keeping patients and their families at the centre of all we do.

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