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2019 IBD Youth Gut Together Coming to an Atrium Near YOU

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  • When: May 25, 2019     9am - noon
  • Where: University of Ottawa, Roger Guidon Atrium
  • What: IBD Youth Gut Together is an event aimed to enable and empower youth to learn more about inflammatory bowel disease. This year's event will focus on the IBD research including microbiome research these youth are involved with through their affiliation with CHEO and the CHEO IBD Centre. The effort is in collaboration with the IBD researchers at the University of Ottawa where the fundamental research is being conducted.
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World IBD Day

May 19 is World IBD Day! Be inspired by the real-life stories of local children and youth as they break the silence of living with IBD (Crohn’s and colitis). IBD is rising dramatically in Canadian kids under 5 years old. Learn about IBD through the lens of young patients, their families, and CHEO’s IBD Centre physicians and researchers and uOttawa IBD researchers.

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2017 Youth Gut Together

Youth gut together poster: Mission Accomplished


Mission Accomplished! Attendees at the 2017 Youth Gut Together were briefed by IBD World Experts! They performed experiments, consulted with the Experts, inspected the IBD Research Labs, got to the bottom of healthy solutions and captured footage of mischievous characters! An amazing morning of interactive learning and fun for kids and families affected by IBD.

Click here to see the program

Click here to see the video





Microbes in the Mucus! Slime Station with Jenn
Jenn taught us how to sort out good and protective bacteria from bad bacteria in mucus samples. We also made diagnoses!
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Hidden Artist/Crouching Media! Petri Dish Station with Dr. James
Dr. James showed us the artistic side of science by using different special colored media. He is sending us pictured of our petri dishes after the bacteria has had a chance to grow and show their artistic sides!
Click here to see poster

Baby It’s cold in Here! Dry Ice/Liquid Nitrogen Station with Dr. Annika and Austin
We found out how and why the researchers use liquid nitrogen in the lab to quickly freeze down biopsies to maintain their cellular integrity.
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Welcome to Our Lab! Lab Tours with Shelley
A rare exclusive look at the labs where the IBD research actually happens. Shelley showed us the high tech instruments used to study the changes that occur in the gut with IBD.

Ask the Experts! Dr. Mack, Dr. Stintzi, Dr. Figeys, Dr. Benchimol
CHEO IBD Centre and uOttawa Faculty of Medicine leading exerts in the field of IBD research answered any and all questions regarding the current IBD research.

Nourishing Nuggets: Busy lives means we don't always have time to cook - when we do, it's beneficial to build in some fresh wholesome family meals. Here are some tips to keep it fresh and wholesome.

Check back soon for “Youth Gut Together

2016 Youth Gut Together was a BLAST!

See the FUN! 



Camp Got2Go - Crohn’s and Colitis Canada

PosterCamp Got2Go is a one-week, overnight summer camp for children and youth living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. The camp is a great opportunity for kids to connect and interact with others facing similar challenges.

Click here to learn more about Camp Got2Go.  


Annual Embassy Chef Challenge – IBD Foundation

Proceeds from the evening will help fund important renovations for an IBD procedure room and purchase state of the art equipment for the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Click here to view memories of the event! 

World IBD Day

decorative imageWorld Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Day is marked every May 19th around the world! To help raise awareness and promote understanding of IBD Ottawa IBD Awareness events are held around the city including the one pictured held in the Byward Market where passers by were treated with toilet paper roses, rolls of TP and knowledgeable, friendly faces to discuss IBD with!

CHEO IBD Centre Kids and the IBD Foundation help raise awareness! 

Click here to visit the World IBD Day website.

Gut Inspired rallied the crowds and joined forces to promote the existence and persistence of IBD  through toilet paper roses and reaching out. Learn More!

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