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Executive Compensation

Nothing matters more to a community than its children and youth. Our young patients will become tomorrow’s parents, workers, taxpayers and innovators. Their success will be our community’s success. That’s why CHEO spends more on clinical care and less on administrative overhead.

Our job at CHEO is to help children and families to be their healthiest. This is more than a responsibility, but a calling -- and we take it very seriously. As a result, we have higher or the highest patient satisfaction on our in-patient units and in our Emergency Department. We have successfully expanded many programs and grown over the years to play a bigger role for families – now helping more than 500,000 Ontario kids each year.

In order to be able to do this, we’ve put a lot of focus on driving down our administrative costs. CHEO consistently allocates more of its resources to patient care and services and spends the lowest amount on administrative overhead compared to other local hospitals and other children’s hospitals in Ontario.


Administrative Expenses as a Percentage of Hospital Budget

CIHI data, 2014


In the last four years we’ve made further progress, reducing the number of management positions and reducing the amount spent on compensation at the top three levels of the organization by $700,000.

Given the complexity and gravity of its mandate, CHEO takes seriously its responsibility to recruit strong, experienced leadership. Given its commitment to patients, CHEO also takes seriously its responsibility to ensure the focus of fiscal resources remains steadfast on patient care that’s why CHEO will continue to spend more on clinical care and less on administrative overhead than other local hospitals and other children’s hospitals in Ontario.

As such, CHEO’s executive recruitment and compensation strategy is centered on finding the best people for the job, with salaries targeted in the mid-range for similar positions in this sector.  

Executive Compensation Plan


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