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Family Forum Council

CHEO Family Forum includes families from diverse backgrounds with diverse diagnoses and experiences within CHEO. The Forum also includes CHEO resource staff from many disciplines, all committed to advancing patient and family-centred care.

Family Forum Council Terms of Reference

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What we do:

  • Partner with CHEO to provide advice and guidance from a patient and family perspective to CHEO’s administration, staff and physicians;
  • Advise on changes that can improve the quality of care and services from the patient and family point of view; 
  • Teach the principles of patient and family-centred care by sharing personal stories to incoming staff through Family Faculty; 
  • Represent patients and families on hospital committees;
  • Prepare and present an annual report of our activities to CHEO’s Board of Trustees and Quality Management Council; and
  • Participate as a member of the Canadian Family Advisory Network (CFAN)

Our accomplishments:

Through our advice, feedback and guidance, CHEO is:

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