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Be a hero for CHEO

Cartoon supheroes

 Congratulations to Shanna DaSilva, the winner of our superhero photo contest 

It’s that time of year again! The CHEO Telethon is just days away and we are calling on you to help us spread the word by being a #hero4cheo.

Every year the CHEO Telethon is dedicated to honouring our bravest superheroes – both patients and those who care for them. At CHEO, our superheroes fight some of the world's scariest foes—enemies like cancer, trauma and rare disease. While they are the true heroes, they rely on us and the community to be their sidekicks and help restore them back to super-strength!

In the days leading up to the telethon, we can all be a hero for a child in need.

Snap a SUPER-selfie and win!

From Monday, May 30 to Friday, June 3 use #hero4cheo to share a selfie – either dressed up as your super alter ego, or posing with the superhero in your life. You could win tickets to see the Ottawa Senators next season!

  • Step 1: Dress up as your favourite superhero or a newly invented oneGraphic image of CHEO bear in supehero outfit
  • Step 2: Take a photo of yourself, your pets or your family/friends in superhero-attire
  • Step 3: Share your photo via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #hero4cheo *
  • OR take a photo with the superhero in your life (i.e. your parent, your child, your best friend, etc.) and share it in the same way as above

* Make sure the settings on your photo are set to public so that we see it

By sharing your photo, you could win 4 tickets (100 level) to the Ottawa Senators home game of your choice next season! View contest details

June 3 is Superhero Day!

On Friday, June 3, dress up as your favourite superhero (or secret super alter ego) for work or school and share a photo using #hero4cheo. Anything goes, it could be as simple as a bed sheet tied around your shoulders, or you could go all out!

 And keep your eyes peeled for super stuff happening around the community!

Any way you participate, you will help spread the word about the CHEO Telethon (June 4/5) and be a #hero4cheo!

All winners will be announced here and on CHEO’s Twitter/Facebook/Instagram the morning of June 4.

You can also be a hero for CHEO kids by making a donation here.

The 33rd annual CHEO Telethon will air on CTV Ottawa Television from Saturday, June 4, at 7pm to Sunday, June 5, at 7pm.

CHEO Social Media:
Twitter: @CHEOhospital
Instagram: @CHEOhospital

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