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Youth Gut Together

 2017 Youth Gut Together

Mission Accomplished! Attendees at the 2017 Youth Gut Together were briefed by IBD World Experts! They performed experiments, consulted with the Experts, inspected the IBD Research Labs, got to the bottom of healthy solutions and captured footage of mischievous characters! An amazing morning of interactive learning and fun for kids and families affected by IBD. Click here to see the program

 Youth Gut Together 2017 Poster
 Youth Gut Together 2017 Program

2016 Youth Gut Together was a BLAST!


Click here to see the program

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2016 Youth Gut Together - We had a BLAST!
The "Ask Any Question" and hands-on event held in the Atrium of uOttawa 's Rogen Guindon Hall was nothing short of AMAZING! Participants rotated through 5 incredible stations, met and interacted with the scientists who perform the research they are part of, enjoyed an exclusive guided, educational tour of the actual research labs, conducted their own research experiments, and had the opportunity to hang out with Dr. Mack and Dr. Stintzi! After completing all stations, participants were presented with plushie microbes to take home! Many partook in the "Mad Scientist Selfie Station" where they were given memento bookmarks!

View the great photos and videos of this fun filled event!

2015 Youth Gut Together - Another fun-filled evening with an unexpected surprise!

The annual Youth Gut Together took place on May 11th at the Ottawa Conference and Events Centre and was once again a great success! This event gives parents and youth the opportunity to participate in an educational session with CHEO experts and acquire tools and strategies to better manage IBD. At the end of the evening, the 2015 IBD Scholarship Awards were announced. Due to the number of outstanding applicants, there were an additional 3 scholarships awarded!

Congratulations to the following recipients of the 2015 IBD Scholarship Award:
The IB

D Foundation 2015 Scholarship Award ($6,000 total - $2,000 each year for 3 years) - Recipient: Emily Duval
The IBD Foundation 2015 Scholarships (one-time award of $1,000), - Recipients: Mankashay Aman; Renee Brazeau and Montana Kent.

A special thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the 2015 Youth Gut Together!

Click here to see more photos!


2014 IBD Youth Gut Together - "Empowering Youth Living with IBD" huge success! 

 IBD Youth Gut Together is an annual event sponsored by the 3c Foundation of Canada that aims to empower youth to learn more about Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), acquire tools and strategies to better manage IBD, connect with peers and inspire confidence to participate in IBD management. Parents had the opportunity to participate in education and break-out sessions with CHEO's IBD Centre professional experts focusing on research and transition of care for the youth to the adult world. Parents were able to network, access resources and find support.

Click here to view photos of the event!


2013 IBD Youth Gut Together


Overview-Video montage

Photo Album

Fun overview of a great evening-Video montage

Carly Lindsay, a nursing student, speaks about her journey with IBD

Josee Beauchamps, CHEO IBD Centre Dietitian Specialist, talks fibre

Dr. Eric Benchimol and Dr. Katie Huth (pediatric resident) talk about the flu shot in kids with IBD

Dr. Erik Benchimol talks about the importance and safety of vaccinations in youth with IBD

Louise Lenz reviews the transition from a children's hospital to adult care for IBD "kids"

Dr. David Mack, Director of the CHEO IBD Centre, explains why research matters


2012 IBD Youth Gut Together


Clinton Shard
Changing Attitudes with Altitude

Rob Hill
Everest 2010: No Guts, Know Glory

Dr. Leanne Ward
Speaks on bone health in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease.

Josee Beauchamp, RD
Speaks on the importance of vitamin and mineral supplementation in IBD.

Dr. David Mack
Discusses the latest research efforts from the CHEO IBD Centre.

Gut Nourished! Nutritious and Delicious Station
Getting the proper nutrients when you have IBD can be challenging because your body might not absorb everything it needs when your disease flares. You might not have a big appetite when you're not feeling well. It is important to try to maintain a balanced and nutrient rich diet because getting the right nutrition will keep your body healthier and energized.



IBD Gut Together 2012 Gets Going

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Special Recognition & IBD Scholarship 2012

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Speakers Corner  - YGT 2012

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Activities - YGT 2012

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