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Injury Prevention

Injuries kill more children in Canada than all other diseases combined. Children all too often come to CHEO’s emergency department because of an injury. Parents want to keep their children safe, but some believe “accidents” are part of life. Sadly, it is when we look back on how the injury happened, that we see how the injury might have been prevented.

It’s important for children to be active, to explore and test their limits. We want to see children running, playing, swimming, laughing, climbing and learning. Active kids might get bumps, bruises or scrapes along the way. But a few simple steps can let children do what they need to do, without getting badly hurt. And parents really can make a difference.

What are the most common causes of serious injury at CHEO? It all depends on the age of the child, but you might be surprised to learn that falls are a very common reason for serious injuries.

Babies under one year

Abuse, Falls and Car crashes

1-4 year olds

Falls, Car crashes and Burns

5-9 year olds

Getting hit by a car, Falls and Car crashes

10-14 year olds

Car crashes, Falls and Getting hit by a car

15-17 year olds

Car crashes, Falls and Getting hit by a car (while walking or cycling)

Choking, drowning, burns, cycling and ATV injuries are other causes for the serious injuries we see in our Emergency Department. 

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