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Success Stories

Jason's StoryImage of a young man in a firefighter's uniform

I was born on June 17, 1987 with a heart defect called congenital heart disease. I was only three weeks old when I went into heart failure. As a result I was admitted to CHEO on several occasions, but as I got older my illness progressed and got much worse. It was eventually determined that I needed surgery to repair my heart. I am thankful every day for what CHEO did for me because if it wasn’t for the care I received at CHEO I would not be here today. 

I was monitored closely throughout my childhood by the team at CHEO and continue to be monitored as an adult. Life and things have been pretty good for me. Over the years I have had a few health issues arise, but overall I am doing well.

I am now 29 years old and living life to the fullest. I am healthy and strong. I work full time and am also a volunteer firefighter. Looking at me today, you would never know anything was ever wrong with me as a child.

Over the years, my family has been a very strong supporter of CHEO by participating in their fundraisers. We always bought ducks for the CHEO Duck Race and my mom has also supported the Dream of a Lifetime Lottery. Years ago my mom started up a fundraiser for CHEO that took place in a few Walmart stores. It was called Bonnie B’s Boot Club. My mom bought little tiny shoes, put them on key rings with a tag and sold them for two dollars. She helped raised more than $10,000 for CHEO.

Hats off to everyone at CHEO. You are all definitely number one in my book.

Jason Briscoe

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