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Helping Medication Taste Better!

Activity sheets for children, parents, caregivers and health professionals

Designed in collaboration with the Education Portfolio of the McGill University Health Centre and McGill Molson Medical Informatics, this game can be a fun way to support young children who need to take medication. It contains useful information and tips for each of the different forms of medication commonly taken by children – tablets, capsules and liquids.

Helping Medication Taste Better! looks similar to a board game, but is a series of files that parents can download and print directly from the Internet.The information in the game can help children learn different ways to improve the taste of their medication or to trick their taste buds, and includes tips to help parents ensure that the medicine is being stored and used safely.

Helping Medication Taste Better! is available in both French and English, and free for unaltered use to the public.Simply download the activity sheet for the medication your child takes and print.

Helping Medication Taste Better! downloads

  Activity Sheet - Tablet
  Activity Sheet - Liquid
  Activity Sheet - Capsule

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