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What is MyChart?

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CHEO wants to ensure patients have the most up-to-date health information available—even after you leave the hospital. That’s why we’re introducing MyChart, a secure, online patient portal that connects you to parts of your CHEO electronic health record, anywhere, at any time.

Through MyChart, you will be able to see information related to most of your outpatient clinics visits using Epic, CHEO’s electronic health record system. Epic is being implemented in phases at CHEO and will completely change the way we share patient information over the next several years.

MyChart is more than just an electronic version of a patient’s chart. It:

  • Provides easy access to patient information 
  • Gives patients and families the information you need to make decisions
  • Empowers parents to be true partners in your child’s care
  • Helps families keep on top of things (for example: reminders of upcoming appointments and test results)
  • Supports youth in the transition to adult care

Where is MyChart?


What's New?

CHEO offers ‘view-only’ MyChart access to all patients and families, where you will be able to see information related to most of your CHEO outpatient clinic visits (inpatient information is not yet available in MyChart).

MyChart allows everyone to:

  • See a list of your health issues, allergies and medications
  • Obtain most clinic visit test results (tests of a sensitive nature are not released to MyChart)
  • Check past/upcoming appointments
  • Read after-visit summaries
  • Get growth chart information 

In a small number of outpatient clinics, CHEO also offers ‘interactive’ MyChart access to allow two-way communication between clinicians, patients and families. We will gradually expand interactive MyChart access to other areas of the hospital.

To apply for MyChart access, please fill out the

MyChart Access Request Form

To cancel MyChart access, please fill out the

MyChart Deactivation Request Form 

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer MyChart ambassador as we spread the word? Please email: with the subject line: “MyChart Ambassador Interest”.

MyChart FAQs

I don't know my MRN number, what should I do?

You can find your MRN number on the after visit summary from an earlier visit to CHEO. If you have been to CHEO's emergency department, it will be on the white and blue card we gave you during your visit. If you don't have your MRN number, email us at to ask for it. Your request should come from the email address you used on your access request form. We will then send an email asking for the patient and parent's date of birth. This process helps to protect your privacy. Once we receive the correct information, we'll send your MRN number by email. 

Where does this information come from?

The information in MyChart comes directly from the patient’s CHEO electronic health record. Your health care providers enter this information into Epic, our electronic health record system, during most of your CHEO outpatient clinic visits.

Is MyChart secure?

CHEO takes great care to ensure your health information is kept private and secure. Every user controls his or her own login information. MyChart information is also delivered via an encrypted connection.

Can parents or legal guardians have access to MyChart?

Yes. This is called ‘proxy’ access and allows a parent or legal guardian to login to a patient’s personal MyChart account. Proxies must apply for access through the MyChart Access Request Form.

The following age ranges govern access to MyChart and help ensure patient privacy.*

Ages 0 – 11:

For CHEO to disclose personal health information, the child’s parent or guardian is required to consent. MyChart access is controlled by the parent or guardian.

Age 12+:

For CHEO to disclose personal health information, the youth receiving care is required to consent. For parents and guardians to view MyChart, the youth must grant “proxy access” by signing a CHEO MyChart Access Request Form and giving it to the clerk in their clinic. Proxy status is reconfirmed at age 16.

*There are occasional exceptions to these age guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact or call (613) 737-7600 and say “MyChart".

Can I submit health information using MyChart?

Yes. All MyChart patients/parents/guardians can add and update information about allergies and medications. Once added, it will be highlighted so that the health care provider can discuss it with the patient during their next visit.

If you have questions about MyChart:

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