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The Neurodevelopmental Disorders Diagnostic Clinic at CHEO

This is a new outpatient service which offers combined metabolic and genetics assessments for individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs). Your patient will be seen by either Melissa Carter (Genetics) or Michael Geraghty (Metabolics). Clinics are held at CHEO in C5 clinic.

We provide genetic testing (where indicated), genetic counselling for family planning, and interpretation of genetic test results (whether you ordered the testing, or we did).

Who should you refer?

Children and adolescents with a diagnosis of:

  • Global developmental delay
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Intellectual disability
  • Other complex developmental or behavioural disorders

Who should you NOT refer?

  • Patients who have been referred to, or seen by, Genetics or Metabolics within the last 2 years
  • We do not do assessments for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Should you order any testing before referral?

You don’t have to, but if this is already part of your practice, then by all means. We would suggest:

  • Chromosomal microarray
  • Fragile X testing (boys and girls)
  • Basic biochemical screening tests (child does not need to fast): Blood lactate, ALT, CK, CBC, amino acids, acylcarnitine profile, and total homocysteine and Urine organic acids

Now you can refer directly to us!

External referrals

Fax your referral to 613 738-4258, attention “NDDC”. Please include your clinic notes/letters, and all external (ie., non-CHEO) lab results.

CHEO internal referrals

On EPIC, make a referral to either Clinical Genetics OR Metabolics and indicate the referral is for NDDC clinic.

Not sure if your patient qualifies for our clinic?

Refer anyway - we will forward your referral to Clinical Genetics or Metabolics (depending on the presenting problem) if they don’t meet our criteria.

Questions? or (613) 737-7600 x2611

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