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CHEO Releases Quality Improvement Plan
OTTAWA – In accordance with the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA), the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) is publicly releasing its Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) for the fiscal year.

The QIP is intended to outline the hospital’s priorities for quality improvement and articulate a strategy for implementation. Provincial hospitals have been given a standardized planning template that must be completed each year and submitted to the Ontario Health Quality Council.

For the Quality Improvement Plan, hospitals set their own targets and are required to provide a rationale for each. “CHEO’s vision for quality care is simple: We will do everything possible, each and every day, to keep you safe, make you better, and be nice along the way,” said Michel Bilodeau. “This is the promise we make to our patients and their families.” CHEO followed this vision while setting its targets, considering the hospital’s past and current performance as well as other factors such as research literature, best practices, provincial and other defined benchmarks. 

Targets in CHEO’s Quality Improvement Plan include hand hygiene, Emergency Department wait times, and patient satisfaction.

This provincial initiative has created specific quality indicators and core indicators. The quality indicators are divided into four categories – safety, effectiveness, access, and patient-centred. Some of CHEO’s key objectives include:

  • Safety: One of CHEO’s objectives for safety is to reach a minimum 80% compliance and stay in the top 25th percentile of provincial hospitals with regards to hand hygiene. Implementing a HandyAudit team is one initiative which will be launched to help ensure proper hand hygiene is practiced throughout the hospital.
  • Access: One of the top access priorities for CHEO is reducing Emergency Department wait times. The hospital aims to remain in the 90th percentile or better, allocating resources and space to see its large volume of patients efficiently and effectively.
  • Patient-centred: CHEO aims to improve its patient satisfaction, especially in the Emergency Department. According to surveys, 91.2% of inpatients would recommend CHEO to others but only 68.3% of ED visitors would. CHEO plans to raise that percentage to at least 75%, with the reduction of wait times in the ED playing an important role in meeting that goal.

CHEO’s QIP serves as a tool for the hospital to communicate to its public, patients, and staff that CHEO is committed and accountable to the community, and is focused on creating a positive patient experience and delivering high-quality pediatric healthcare.

CHEO’s Quality Improvement Plan is available at


For more information, contact CHEO, Public Relations
at 613-737-2343
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