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Premier McGuinty Announces Funding for Development of the Ontario Perinatal Surveillance System (OPSS)
OTTAWA – Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty was joined by CHEO patients and their families in marking the announcement of up to $4.6M annually towards the development of the new Ontario Perinatal Surveillance System (OPSS). The Ministry will be providing CHEO with annual funding for the next three years to establish OPSS as a provincial organization that will manage health information collected about maternal-newborn care; conduct maternal-newborn health surveillance and provide recommendations to optimize maternal-newborn care in Ontario.

The Ontario Perinatal Surveillance System will coordinate the development of perinatal and congenital anomalies surveillance activities to align Ontario with other provinces and contribute to health performance measures for improved maternal-infant health outcomes.

In addition, OPSS will develop governance and information privacy infrastructure with the objective of establishing OPSS as a provincial registry able to collect, use and disclose personal health information in accordance with privacy legislation and data system standards.

OPSS is formed by 5 partner organizations: Midwifery Program Database, Fetal Alert Network, Maternal Multiple Marker Screening Program, Niday Perinatal Database, and the Ontario Newborn Screening Program. The information management functions of these five partners (the last two being already based at CHEO) will be managed as a comprehensive data system containing high quality and complete Ontario maternal-infant health information.

“Expectant mothers and parents in Ontario can continue to count on CHEO providing exceptional care for their babies,” said Michel Bilodeau, President and Chief Executive Officer of CHEO. “CHEO is committed to caring for our children not only after their birth, but during their development in their mother’s womb, preparing them for a healthier and safer future.”

CHEO Media Relations: 613-737-2343
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