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CHEO BIG STEPS Campaign Hits $10 Million Mark On Way to $25 Million Goal

OTTAWA – The CHEO Foundation is thrilled to announced that it has surpassed the $10 million mark in CHEO’s BIG STEPS Campaign. The goal of the campaign is to raise $25 million for research and new equipment. The $25 million will be over and above what the Foundation normally raises and will enable CHEO to take a quantum leap forward in research and total patient care. These funds will also help CHEO attract the best research minds, physicians and health care providers to the hospital and equip them with the advanced tools and technologies they need to care for and cure our children and youth.

Twenty year old Charles Ofori-Attah is the Chair of the BIG STEPS Campaign Taskforce Team. Charles, a former CHEO patient, was on hand to participate in the news conference and talked about why he decided to take on the challenge of leading such a substantial endeavor: “I owe my life to CHEO and I know that without medical research, I may not have survived sickle cell disease. I am thrilled to be able to give back by being part of the BIG STEPS Campaign, especially knowing that funds raised will help many other young patients have success with their own medical challenges,” said Charles.

CHEO’s BIG STEPS Campaign is an ambitious initiative that is raising funds to buy the most sophisticated equipment needed to treat our children and take huge steps forward in vital, life-saving research. The research component of the campaign will focus on Clinical, Pediatric Cancer, Childhood Obesity and Mental Health research and build on CHEO’s recognition as a centre of world-leading research into childhood diseases. The equipment component of the campaign will focus on bringing new technologies to CHEO and upgrading existing equipment in the areas of Emergency and Critical Care, Surgical Equipment, Diagnostic Imaging and Information Technology.

The Campaign Task Force Team is made up of 13 community leaders who are actively talking to people throughout the community about the importance of investing in our children’s future.

Ken Ages, Vice President of Paramount Properties is a Taskforce Team member and was excited about the $10 million announcement. “CHEO is such an important part of our city, and reaching the $10 million mark shows that many of our business leaders recognize that by supporting CHEO, they are supporting a brighter future in our community. This is very inspiring as we continue on to our goal of $25 million,” said Mr. Ages

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