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CHEO Recognized For Environmental Excellence
OTTAWA – The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) was awarded the 2011 Environmental Excellence Award from SterilMed for reducing environmental impact through medical device recycling. CHEO is the first Canadian hospital to receive this award.

“Now is the time to ensure our practices are both environmentally and economically sustainable,” said Gerry Joseph, materials management director, CHEO. “Reprocessing allows us to maintain the highest levels of patient care and safety while providing the community with environmentally responsible and financially sustainable services.”

CHEO was given this award for recognition of its significant change management efforts in the recycling of oxygen sensors. Oxygen sensors are taped to the child’s finger in order to obtain proper information on heart and lung function. These sensors can be reprocessed and used again more often than previous versions. This reduces medical waste sent to landfills.

SterilMed recognizes CHEO as a leading Canadian hospital in restoring and recycling medical supplies. In the past year, the hospital’s reprocessing program diverted 27,500 units of medical waste away from landfills and saved over $300,000.

“Finding a way to positively impact the environment through our practices is a high priority to us. By reprocessing materials we are reducing the waste we send to landfills and cutting costs at the same time,” said Lorraine McInnis-Osborne, one of the many CHEO nurses who played a key role in the implementation of this program.

SterilMed partners with health care providers to offer services that lower medical device and equipment costs by maximizing the life of single-use medical devices while maintaining the highest levels of patient safety. It has provided reprocessing services in Canada since 2002 and helped hospitals in five provinces divert nearly a million kilograms of medical waste and save millions of dollars.

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