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There are a lot of changes coming – to health care, to our community. Where does CHEO fit in all that? Join the conversation about CHEOnext!

CHEO only exists today because, back in the 1960’s, a group of determined citizens – led by young moms – raised awareness, argued the case and generated the support to turn a dream into reality. CHEO was created out of sheer will and determination to provide the best health care for children and youth; this has guided us to become a nationally-recognized leader in pediatric care. CHEO is almost 40 years old now, and we are asking the community how they’d like to see us grow and evolve.

CHEOnext is a process that builds on our strengths, identifies where we want to go as an organization, and maps out how to get there. It is a project to refresh CHEO’s strategic directions and jointly define our future. There are a lot of changes coming – to health care, to our community. Where does CHEO fit in all that? Our goal is to establish a guide to help us organize work, shape decisions and make choices.

This is a dynamic, changing time in health care and, more broadly, in our society. Twenty years from now there will be 90,000 more children and youth in the national capital region than there are today. The need for our services will continue to grow and, in the context of an aging society, we will have a more crucial role than ever.

CHEO represents our region's competitive advantage and its future – it is our young patients and clients who will be tomorrow's parents, workers, taxpayers and innovators. Their success will be our community's success.

  • What role should CHEO play in this?
  • How can we make the biggest difference?
  •  How do we move into our fifth decade amidst changing demographics, new technologies and a very dynamic health care funding and policy environment?
  • What do you expect from CHEO?
  • CHEO has always been marked by a sense of purpose; together, let's define where that sense of purpose will lead us.
  • CHEO is a strong and thriving organization with many assets, most notably its people. We are entering uncertain times but have the resources to pause, consolidate, plan and move forward.

Today I invite the community to join the CHEOnext conversation and help us define CHEO’s central unifying purpose.

This is your chance to have your say about who we are and what your children’s healthcare future will hold. As we begin work towards repositioning CHEO for the “new world of healthcare” join the conversation and let us know what you think! 

Click here to share your opinion. We’ll keep the survey open until September 7th. Please feel free to share this survey with friends, family or neighbors.
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