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CHEO, Teasdale-Corti Foundation and Pharmacists Without Borders-Canada Join Forces to Improve Care of Children
OTTAWA – The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) announced today that it has signed a twinning agreement with the Teasdale-Corti Foundation and Pharmacists Without Borders-Canada, formalizing a program that will help improve the care of children in St-Mary’s Hospital, Uganda.

Created in the 1960’s by legendary Canadian surgeon Dr. Lucille Teasdale and her husband, Dr. Piero Corti, St-Mary’s treats over 250,000 patients each year, 40% are children under six years of age and pregnant women. This agreement is focussed on finding the best ways to use existing drugs to treat children with infectious diseases and, in so doing, improve patient care and health outcomes. Canadian clinicians and pharmacists will offer their expertise on-site in Uganda and CHEO will provide training to St-Mary’s physicians and pharmacists and other healthcare providers in Ottawa. The agreement will also provide an opportunity to support both hospitals as pharmaceutical research and training facilities.

St.Mary’s Hospital Lacor is funded and operated through the Teasdale-Corti Foundation, a charitable organization of which Dr. Dominique Corti, the daughter of the hospital’s founders is a board member.

“Our hospital sometimes treats over 1,000 patients in a day with only two pharmacists. We welcome every opportunity to improve the care we can give to our patients and expand our ability to serve the community,” said Dr. Corti.

CHEO’s Dr. Jason Brophy, an infectious disease specialist is currently in Uganda, volunteering his time to assist the Lacor hospital pediatric physicians.

Commenting on the twinning, CHEO CEO Alex Munter said, “We are honoured to have been invited by the Teasdale-Corti Foundation and Pharmacists Without Borders-Canada to take part in this agreement. We truly respect their work and hope that we too can play a role in improving the care and lives of the children of Uganda. This agreement is more than a piece of paper; it signifies that caring for sick children truly has no borders.”
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About CHEO
The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario is a pediatric health and research center providing outstanding family-centered patient care, pioneering breakthrough research, and training the health care professionals of tomorrow. Over the past thirty-eight years, CHEO has established itself as a world-class centre providing leading-edge treatment, diagnostic and laboratory services for children and youth aged 0 to their 18th birthday.
CHEO houses the Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health and the Ontario Newborn Screening Program. CHEO is an active partner in the Champlain Local Health Integration Network, providing leadership in all aspects of pediatric health and wellbeing.
About the Teasdale-Corti Foundation
The Teasdale-Corti Foundation was created by Dr. Lucille Teasdale and her husband, Dr. Piero Corti to ensure the continuation of health-care, training and growth at St-Mary’s Hospital Lacor in Uganda. The couple dedicated their lives to improving the health of the people of Uganda, and Dr. Teasdale eventually died from complications related to HIV that she contracted while caring for her patients at the hospital. The foundation currently fundraises and operates through two branches, one in Milan, Italy (Fondazione Piero e Lucille Corti Onlus) and one in Montreal, Canada (Teasdale-Corti Foundation.) Visit for more information.

About Pharmacists without Borders Canada
Pharmacists without Borders, or "Pharmaciens Sans Frontières" (PSF), is a non-profit organization created a quarter century ago whose goal was to provide medication to developing countries in need. Today it is an international association with many branches. Pharmacists without Borders-Canada is committed to ensuring pharmaceutical care in developing countries. Pharmacists and pharmacy students collaborate to public health issues. PSF-Canada is comprised mainly of pharmacists who wish to help populations in need to organize their medical distribution networks, to assure the proper management of essential medications and the right use of drugs.
Visit for more information.

For additional information, please contact Isabelle Mailloux at CHEO at (613) 737-7600 ext. 3536
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