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CHEO Honours Winners of Healthy Kids Awards
Ottawa, March 26, 2014 – CHEO will host its fourth annual Healthy Kids Awards ceremony this evening. A healthy start in life can lead to better lifelong health, and tonight’s seven awards are going to those individuals and programs that have wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to the promotion of healthy living in kids.

The awards ceremony, happening tonight at the Funhaven Family Entertainment Centre, will be followed by a special CTV live broadcast. Special guests Laureen Harper and Mayor Jim Watson will present the awards, along with Erin Crowe, chair of the CHEO Board of Trustees.

“The individuals that we are honouring today are more than just healthy living advocates…they are champions,” said Alex Munter, president and chief executive officer of CHEO. “They have gone above and beyond in their quest, pushing boundaries, inspiring others, pioneering change, and I offer my sincere congratulations and thanks. They are truly partnering with CHEO in our mission to help kids and families to be their healthiest.”

This year’s winners are:

Take Action Parkwood Hills
Steven Thomas of GoodGuysTri
Community Suicide Prevention Network
The Gloucester Association for Children with Special Needs
Building Capacity for GLBTTQ Youth Mental Health
Christie Lake Kids STAR
Paediatric Complex and Chronic Care Clinic – Iqaluit

More information on award categories and winners can be found below.

CHEO established the CHEO Healthy Kids Awards in 2010 with the goal of promoting wellness for children and youth. Preventing illness and injuries is a far better prescription for health than having to treat them.

CHEO is grateful to media partner CTV Ottawa which is supporting the awards ceremony.

CHEO is also grateful to the host venue Funhaven and its executive director Dave Ellis for their generous support. Since 2002, Ellis has raised over $156,000 for CHEO.

Media are invited to join CHEO at the Funhaven Family Entertainment Centre, 1050 Baxter Rd., starting at 5:00 PM. The presentation of awards will begin promptly at 5:30 PM. Children and families will enjoy Funhaven’s climbing gym, laser tag, bumper cars and other games from 5:00 to 7:30 PM.

For information and to schedule interviews, please contact:

Eva Schacherl
Cell 613-769-5553
613-737-7600 ext. 3536

CHEO Social Media
Twitter: @CHEOhospital


Youth for Youth Award: Awarded to initiatives or programs that are created by youth, for youth
Recipient: Take Action Parkwood Hills
Take Action Parkwood Hills (TAP) project provided opportunities for local youth to learn how to create and edit films, their end result being ‘Parkwood Hills, The Documentary’. By using each youth’s community as a subject , TAP empowered youth to become proactive, contributing members of their communities. Many are now using themes from their films to affect real change locally. TAP fosters cross-cultural relationships, stressing the importance of combating current stereotypes found in Canadian society.
Community Champion Award: Awarded to an individual who has proven themselves an exceptional advocate of childhood mental and physical health.
Recipient: Steven Thomas - GoodGuysTri
GoodGuysTri (GGT) is an Ottawa based non-profit organization that raises awareness and funds for many charities. GGT has fully dedicated itself to engaging in a variety of great causes and to inspiring others to be active. Steven Thomas, nominated by fellow co-founder Mike Herzog, has worked tirelessly over the past two years. Steven has also been a major catalyst of End Kids Cancer.

Community Program Award: Awarded to a corporate, non-profit or organizational program/initiative that promotes the healthy development of children/youth.
Recipient: Christie Lake Kids STAR (Skills Through Activity and Recreation) - Craig Mackie
The Christie Lake Kids STAR program serves underprivileged families by providing recreation and skill-building programs, free of charge, for young adults. They seek to remove the barriers that economic disadvantages set in place so that all youth have equal footing in life. With over 30 years of dedicated service and a 70% retention rate, Christie Lake Kids STAR program builds character and instills life skills in the youth they teach.
Help for Special Needs Award: Awarded to a project/program that works to enrich the lives of children/youth who are developmentally delayed, medically challenged, technologically dependent or who require complex/palliative care.
Recipient: Gloucester Association for Children with Special Needs
The Gloucester Association for Children with Special Needs (GACSN) has improved the physical and social development of special needs children by providing fun weekend activities. Each Saturday, those involved in GACSN are invited to an afternoon of swimming and crafts, giving parents and caregivers a few hours of respite. Praised for its consistency, GACSN offers both group and one-on-one sessions with the youth and young adults enrolled in the program. For more than 20 years, GACSN has been helping children with special needs make friends, improve physical fitness and develop new skills so they may excel in their adult lives.
Connected Care Award: Awarded to partners that have worked together to promote healthy development in youth, furthering their success from that partnership.
Recipient: Paediatric Complex and Chronic Care Clinic, Iqaluit
The Paediatric Complex and Chronic Care Clinic (PCCC) is an intra-disciplinary team of experts who work to keep the youth in their community - Qikiqtani, Nunavut - connected to the health services that they require. In a region where poverty, criminality and suicide rates are high, the passionate and committed experts in the PCCC work to enhance delivery of required services, facilitate knowledge sharing and aim to become a regional team so that they may serve more youth.
Health Advocacy and Public Education Award: Awarded to an individual or organization that is raising awareness and providing public education on a key issue impacting the health of children/youth, or influences a change in public policy that will benefit youth and their families.
Recipients: Community Suicide Prevention Network and Building Capacity for GLBTTQ Youth Mental Health
Building Capacity for GLBTTQ Youth Mental Health provides counselling for GLBTTQ youth and young adults and their families. They provide support for the nation’s capital by offering workshops for service providers and educators and free services to GLBTTQ youth. With a focus on exploring sexual orientation and gender identity, Building Capacity for GLBTTQ Youth Mental Health aims to build resilience and capacity for GLBTTQ youth.
The Community Suicide Prevention Network (CSPN) is a group of partner associations who are committed to the prevention of suicide in Ottawa. By sharing resources and expertise, CSPN has made a collaborative effort to make mental health services more accessible in the Ottawa region. They have recently launched their “Know What To Do” guide, information outlining what to do and where to go for help. They continue to work together to make Ottawa a suicide safer community.
2014 CHEO Healthy Kids Selection Committee
Gilles Lanteigne, Chief Executive Officer, Champlain Community Care Access Centre
Catherine Dubois, Executive Director, Overbrook Forbes Community Resource Centre
Stacey Fragiskos, Manager, Children’s Aid Society, Ottawa
Sharon Costantini, CHEO nurse
Anne Huot, Director, Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre
Youth for Youth Award Panel
Izzy McLean
Claire Dawe
Josh Dannenberg
Martin Percival
Take Action


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