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Understanding Concussions – recognizing signs and symptoms
Ottawa, Ontario, October 16, 2015: The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), in conjunction with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB), is pleased to offer a special presentation and panel discussion on concussions. This free event will take place Thursday, October 29 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at Nepean High School, 574 Broadview Avenue, Ottawa.

Head injuries can result in a wide range of symptoms — from mild injuries that can be followed up in a family doctor’s office to severe injuries requiring treatment by a neurosurgeon. Fortunately, concussive symptoms generally resolve with appropriate cognitive and physical rest.

In Eastern Ontario, there are thousands of concussions a year arising from accidental or sport-related injuries, with hundreds of these injuries treated in the CHEO emergency room.

By attending this event you will learn about the diagnosis, treatment and management of concussions in young people. Our panel, comprised of neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Vassilyadi, pediatric sports medicine specialist Dr. Kristian Goulet and nurse coordinator Gail Macartney of CHEO’s Concussion Clinic, will help to inform parents about how to prevent concussions and how to recognize, treat and monitor the progress of recovery. The OCDSB will touch on their new procedure for concussion management which is now being implemented in schools.

Audience members will have many opportunities to be heard – they can ask questions of our panelists in person at the session, submit questions in writing at the event, or pre-submit questions online.

The panel discussion will be moderated by the OCDSB.

Speakers will include:

Dr. Michael Vassilyadi

Dr. Vassilyadi is a Pediatric Neurosurgeon at CHEO and an Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Ottawa. He operates on infants and children with disorders of the brain and spine, including trauma.

Dr. Vassilyadi is an advocate for head and spine injury prevention. He volunteers his time to deliver the message of protecting one's brain to students, parents, principals, teachers, coaches and health care providers.

Dr. Vassilyadi has an interest in sport-related concussions in children. He implemented a Concussion Research Project at CHEO, which has been recently published in a scientific journal. In November of 2014 he started the Concussion Clinic at CHEO, and is collaborating on other concussion research projects with experts across Ontario and Quebec.

Dr. Kristian Goulet

Dr Goulet is the Medical Director for the Eastern Ontario Concussion Clinic, the Pediatric Sports Medicine Clinic of Ottawa and the CHEO Concussion Clinic. He is involved in numerous research studies at both the local and national level.

He has trained under some of the great leaders in the concussion field at the Concussion Clinic at the Boston Children’s Hospital; a center nationally recognized for innovative concussion treatments. Dr. Goulet has also worked with the Sports Legacy Institute both in the United States and Canada. He also consults with numerous local, regional, provincial and national agencies.

Gail Macartney

Gail Macartney currently serves as Director of Nursing Research and Knowledge Translation at CHEO, before which she worked as a Nurse Practitioner in CHEO’s Neurosurgery program for 5 years.

She maintains a clinical role, one day per week at CHEO’s Concussion Clinic. Gail, Dr Goulet and Dr Vassilyadi are involved in a number of concussion research studies exploring common data elements, symptom experience and the effectiveness of concussion teaching on knowledge and attitude in community soccer players.

When: Thursday, October 29, 7- 9 PM

Where: Nepean High School auditorium, 574 Broadview Avenue

Free parking, in front of the building or on the side streets
For more information, please contact:
Eva Schacherl
Communications Manager and Strategist
613-737-7600 x 3536
Cell: 613-769-5553
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